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Post ACL weekend one depression

Could Sam Smith just follow me around and narrate my life?

It was Friday afternoon and I was drawn to the voice of an angel at the Miller Lite stage.

The acoustic version of “Latch” couldn’t have been more perfect.

Next we’re sprinting, something I only reserve for special occasions, to the opposite end of Zilker Park to see Foster the People.

It was still early on Friday so the crowd was smaller and easy to navigate.

They played “Pumped Up Kicks”, “Houdini”, other hits and covers of other musicians’ songs.

Then things turned up– it was Outkast time.

It seemed as though everyone came for the reunion.

There was nothing new since 2006 and I felt like a child again.

All the hits were played: “Ms. Jackson”, “Roses”, “B.O.B.” and “Hey Ya”.

Saturday started with Iggy.

She was the first performance of ACL to have backup dancers and I was stoked.

The crowd was packed and it seemed as though all the giants in Austin felt the need to stand in front of me, so we booked it to Icona Pop after a few songs.

Plenty of men in the crowd were very confused about what was going on and I was questioned as to what the duo was saying.

I don’t care. I loved it.

Next was Lana Del Rey.

I cried.

Nothing more needs to be said.

There was a very swift change of pace to Major Lazer and I’m pretty sure I burned over 10,000 calories just by jumping and waving my arms like an idiot.

Slim Shady has still got it.

He opened his show with an emotional package about his “stalker” from his song “Stan”.

He performed all his hits, and I rapped… again, like an idiot.

We dedicated Sunday to Phantogram and fell in love with both the female and male leads.

We shimmied our way up to about 20 feet from the stage and they rocked it for the entire hour.

Currently having withdrawals from awesome music, hippie clothes and dancing my face off.

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