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Funeral to honor Haag

Funeral arrangements for longtime television executive H. Martin”Marty” Haag Jr. were announced Sunday on WFAA-TV for 2p.m. on Tuesday at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Dallas,located at 408 Park Ave.

Haag suffered from a massive heart attack on Friday afternoon,and was immediately brought to Baylor University Medical Center. OnSaturday, he died from a stroke. He was 69.

Haag was executive in residence in the Division of Journalism atSMU and taught three advanced broadcasting classes.

He was also the faculty sponsor for SMU TV’s MorningUpdate.

The tone in the digital newsroom Monday morning was somber andrespectful — Guy Bellaver’s sports recap from theweekend was cut short with a farewell to Haag.

“The Morning Update,” which is a completely studentcreated and produced daily news show, continued into its secondsemester Monday morning, even without the help of its formersponsor.

Michele Houston, assistant digital newsroom manager, took overas the faculty advisor, alongside Journalism Chair TonyPederson.

Professional broadcast journalists Scott Findley and SMU alumnusLucy Scott joined production coordinator Laura Miller on Monday tohelp get the back-to-school show on the air.

All faculty, staff, students, friends and family of Haag areinvited to attend on Tuesday.

Several professors in various areas of the department sent outmass e-mails to students encouraging all to go.

Some even extended their doors open to anyone who needed totalk.

“The digital newsroom will basically shut down to go tothe funeral,” Houston said in an e-mail to those involvedwith the digital newsroom.

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