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Medhi fills vacant senate seat

Following more than seven weeks of debate and discussion, junior Shakeel Medhi was finally voted into the Asian American senate seat last night at the Student Senate meeting.

“This is a huge victory for the Asian-Americans,” said Medhi, a CCPA and political science major.

Electing a senator to an empty seat is normally a two-week process. When the former Asian American senator stepped down from their position, the senate membership committee had the task of recommending a replacement. Two members of the committee gave Medhi a negative recommendation, which the senate later overturned.

The first part of the meeting called the Speakers Podium, comprised seven Asian American student leaders speaking on behalf of Medhi. Members from groups such as the Vietnamese Student Association, the East Asian Student Association and the Indian Student Association spoke for more than 40 minutes in support of Medhi’s candidacy.

“We have been trying to get this position for the past seven to eight weeks,” said Medhi. “But for various reasons, not all of the senators were ready to vote for us.”

The Speakers Podium was followed by more than two hours of dramatic debate between senators on whether or not to vote Medhi into the seat.

“Some of the senators asked rough questions,” said Medhi. He said his supporters stuck through the grueling interrogations.

Sophomore Chief of Staff Rob Hayden was one of the senators who spoke primarily in favor of Medhi’s election. Medhi said that there were two senators who, because of personal grudges, attempted to keep Medhi him off of senate.

“People have the right to vote against me, that’s democracy, and I applaud that,” said Medhi. “But as a student leader we expect more from them.”

After a rare roll call vote, Medhi was elected by the Student Senate. He will be inaugurated at the beginning of the spring semester.

Also at the senate meeting, Vice President for External Affairs Brad Cheves gave a Centennial Campaign update.

Senior James Longhofer was elected as the new Parliamentarian senior John Jose stepped down from the position.

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