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‘We need to Talk about’ Tilda Swinton’s newest thriller

Courtesy of Oscilloscope

(Courtesy of Oscilloscope)

By today’s standard, the American horror film is equivalent to stale bread.

It satisfies your hunger, but it’s nothing you’d ever choose to eat.

Production quality and an uncountable number of sequels have made horror movies today more laughable than scream worthy.

However, every once in a while a film comes along that breaks this mold and delivers a truly haunting tale in a fresh style of delivery.

Tilda Swinton’s newest movie, the goose bump-giving “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” is the year’s most terrifying movie.

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” comes about its story organically as it examines the simple mother-son relationship.

Swinton plays Eva, a stylish travel author whose life is turned upside down after delivering her first child, Kevin.

To say that Kevin is simply going through a “stage” would be an understatement. The movie makes it seems as if Kevin was only put on this earth to torment his mother.

The movie is structured in a staccato manner that flashes between Eva’s present and past.

In a series of stories and events that lead to Kevin’s eventual imprisonment, the audience gets clued in to Eva and Kevin’s twisted relationship.

The obvious star in this film is Swinton’s Eva.

With one of the best careers in the industry, Swinton solidifies herself as a flexible film star able to do anything in front of the camera.

The Oscar winning star digs deep to play the movie’s broken mother.

Another notable star comes from the film’s newcomer Ezra Miller.

Miller plays the angst-y teenager Kevin in the film and does so with the evils necessary for the role.

Miller’s jet-black hair and beady eyes combine to form one of the decade’s most chilling villains.

In all reality, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is as much of a thriller as it is a horror movie.

But thanks to the film’s director, Lynne Ramsay, the movie scares as much as it thrills.

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” dives into the psyche of a mother who wants only one thing in her life ­— her son’s love.

John C. Reilly takes a break from being Will Ferrell’s punch line to deliver a stellar performance as Eva’s husband, Franklin.

For some reason, Kevin actually likes Franklin and uses his father’s affection to taunt his mother mercilessly. Only once in the movie do we see Eva and Kevin have a functioning relationship. 

Perhaps the most frightening thing about “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is just how honest the story happens upon its events. Everyone has a mother, but nobody tortures her like Kevin does to Eva. 

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” is the year’s most puzzling thriller.

With a stellar cast, an interesting story line and an ultimately gut-wrenching conclusion, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is the only birth-control a person will ever need. 

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