SMU film students featured in North Texas Universities Film Festival

By Will Kastner

On Monday, April 6, 2015 the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema hosted the North Texas Universities Film Festival that featured specially selected, student-made films from SMU, UNT and UTA.

Each school chose an array of films to show off the students’ diverse filmmaking strategies and abilities. UNT and UTA chose to premier fewer, lengthier films that highlighted the work of their upper-level classes. SMU opted to show a wider array of films that spanned from documentaries to short narratives, which featured students’ work in all levels of film classes. SMU also emphasized the work that students had done in this past semester’s Production 1 class.

SMU filmmakers with pieces at the festival included works from Darian Fardghassemi, Schuyler Morris, Blair Croce, Jacob Stoner, Cayla Simpson, Gillian Perry, Mac Taylor, Kim Kooker and Adrian Aguirre.

The event served as an exhibition of the talent that each school has in their film programs, as well as a way for students to premier their work to fellow filmmakers. Each film brought a different aspect of filmmaking to the screen, with enough variation to make it an enjoyable, entertaining evening.

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