Instagram accounts for fitness inspiration

Some Instagram accounts plant unrealistic ideas in the minds of their followers about how they should physically look. Without the tools to achieve these appearances, people are at a loss for the steps to take to get the healthy look and feel they desire.

These accounts give their followers the tools to successfully reach their personal health goals through workout ideas and healthy recipes to try.

1. Kayla Itsines – @kayla_itsines

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This Australia based trainer has been gaining followers all over the world. Her Instagram account features her personal progress and the transformations of women using her guide. The guides are available for purchase online, giving everyone the tools to gain impressive results.

2. College Cookin’ – @collegecookin

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It’s hard to prepare quick, healthy and cheap meals in college. The account features simple meals that college students can replicate to take with them as they balance busy schedules.

3. Rachel Brathen – @yoga_girl

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The Swedish yogi’s Instagram and blog provides the tools and inspiration for novice and experienced yoga enthusiasts alike. She uses her account to document her personal journey while inspiring others to pursue a yoga lifestyle.

4. Healthy Recipe Collection – @livegreenhealthy

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Healthy meals can be difficult to prepare, but this account is a compilation of posts from all over Instagram. A never-ending supply of recipes caters to any palate or dietary restrictions.

5. Izabel Goulart – @iza_goulart

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The Victoria Secret model’s account features videos of her workouts that keep her supermodel body in top shape. The workouts are easy to learn and imitate so anyone can work to achieve the fit, lean body they desire.

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