Black Friday 2019’s Shopping Frenzy

Black Friday is one of the most hectic shopping days of the year. Whether its online or in-store, shoppers are eager to find the best sales.

Nearly 165 million people are expected to shop from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and over 7 billion dollars of online sales have already been transacted

Mall shoppers must face the Black Friday crowds in order to find the money-saving deals.

“They’re a million people everywhere but I got a lot of great stuff,” Black Friday shopper Ali Feinstein said. “There was a lot of good deals on clothes and shoes and makeup and perfume, and it was great I’m going to come back tomorrow again.”

While many people love the shopping and sales, others have opposing opinions.

“I don’t think it’s as worth in savings as all the hype is,” Neiman Marcus employee Katie Quinn stated.

Clothing store owner Nikki Morrell believes Black Friday is going down hill due to online shopping.

“I feel like with so many stores doing online especially online sales so early I think that people physically going into stores have definitely gone down hill for sure,” she said.

Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving, but, sales begin before Thanksgiving day.

“A lot of stores are promoting all of these deals a lot earlier so they can count their sales earlier,” Quinn explained.

Safety and traffic are a few of the important aspects people must keep in mind during Black Friday.

Black Friday comes once a year, but consumers continue to find holiday deals.