Block Party celebrates opening of health center

By Reese Bobo

When you think of the kind of event that brings out hundreds of college students, what comes to mind? Chances are, you might be reminded of Migos at Bungalow, or of a big basketball game in Moody, but Dr. Bob’s Block Party did just that.

The Assembly of the residential commons invited each Commons to participate in the Block Party by bringing a tent. Photo credit: Reese Bobo

Friday, the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center was dedicated, and the first 200 students who arrived were rewarded with free Ruthie’s and Steel City Pops.

At 12:30 p.m., the festivities began. Organizations such as each Commons, the Mom’s and Dad’s Club and the Assembly lined tents in the new Mary Hay-Peyton-Shuttles and Virginia Snyder quad area. Each tent had a different activity such as Frisbee, a popcorn stand or a massive game of Jenga. Students who then participated in the activity were then given a ticket to enter raffles throughout the afternoon.

Each Commons brought a different activity such as Armstrong that brought its poker table. Photo credit: Reese Bobo


Raffles included prizes such as an Apple TV, water bottles, a Samsung TV, a speaker and other prizes. At the end of the day, even while the game-players and volunteers had gone, the raffle players stuck around to hear the winning ticket.

After participating in tent activities, students were able to enter the free raffle. Photo credit: Reese Bobo

If mental and social wellbeing is what the center was going for, then the block party was the ideal event to kick off its dedication. The quad was packed and quite literally buzzing with energy.

The “vibe” of the party was set with music from the live bands such as Blue Apollo and Preston Cole.

While the majority of the day may not have been
focused directly on health, it indirectly and holistically embodied the goals
of the Dr. Bob Smith Health Center. On Friday, the community came together—not
to study, or do work towards a career goal—but to kick back and relax.

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