Is SMU Dallas’ team?

SMU will reach the centennial of its opening in 2015, just three short months from now. At the same time, SMU has entered a unique period of national visibility through the accomplishments of its students and faculty, record applications for admission from across the country and the University’s selection as home to the Bush Presidential Center.

But even after 100 years of living together, do the SMU and Dallas communities really feel a connection to one another? We wanted to find out.

Linda Johnson, a Dallas resident for 40 years, shared her feelings about SMU from the perspective of a long standing community member.

“ I really think that SMU belongs to the students but I’ve never felt like SMU belongs to Dallas.”

Even Ben Sellers, a senior linebacker for SMU football, shared that same sentiment.

“I don’t feel like SMU is dallas’ team yet but we’re working that way. I just hope that in the next two to three years that this team can become what we all want it to be which is Dallas’ team and those SMU signs everywhere.”

However, when asked if SMU might ever return to that “golden age” before the death penalty, community members seemed hopeful.

Jeff Brizzolara, a local businessman and SMU alum, shared a more optimistic view of SMU and its future.

“I think it’s trying to get back to that point. Hopefully we can. I think the basketball has proven that it can because the whole community rallied behind the basketball team and I think hopefully that will bring along the football team and then all of a sudden I think they’ll be back in the spotlight.”

After such a successful basketball season in the spring of 2014, SMU football is ready for their shot to make SMU and Dallas proud.

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