VIDEO: Holiday shoppers save on more days than Black Friday

When you go to the mall on Black Friday, you can expect to see crowds of people, sale signs in store windows, and bags, bags and more bags.

“It’s really good for the economy,” said SMU advertising professor Sid Muralidharan. “At one point because of the consumption habits of the capitalistic economy, you need people to keep buying.”

And they did just that.

As customers lined up outside the doors…store employees were happy with the increase in revenue.

“Black Friday is traditionally a wonderful day for trade, for sales, for consumers, and for custom,” said mall employee David Weinberg.

But are all of these sales really worth it?

With all of the crowds and the hassle of getting to the mall after Thanksgiving; you have to wonder: are people saving money?

“I think you do if you are organized and kind of know what you’re coming for,” said shopper Anne Holland.

But some think you don’t have to go to the mall to make great savings.

“You definitely do save money, but if you’re going to wait until Black Friday critics and experts are advising shoppers that’s not the only time when you get great deals,” said Muralidharan.

One of these days when you can beat the crowds, known as Cyber Monday, is just three days after Black Friday.

On Cyber Monday you can get great deals right online, and all you need is the click of a mouse.

Popular Black Friday stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy all participated this year.

Shoppers grabbed their laptop and scrolled through savings, without having to brave the crowds.

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