DC Top 10, No. 2: Dallas Cowboys down the Detroit Lions

Lions Cowboys Football
Courtesy of AP

Remember Sunday, January 4, 2015, when Jason Witten made the catch of his life and sent the Dallas Cowboys to face the Green Bay Packers in what would be the most heartbreaking loss in Dallas sports history?

Yeah. And so does every other sports fan in the nation, so that’s why it’s the DC’s pick for No. 2 in our top 10 best DFW sports moments.

The Cowboys went into the locker room at halftime down 17-7 during their game against the Detroit Lions.

The Cowboys almost didn’t even get a chance to come back as a flag for pass interference against Dallas was picked up on a Lions 3rd and 1.

Yet on 4th and 6, Tony Romo managed a 21-yard completion to Witten and finished the game with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams to secure the 24-20 victory over the Lions.

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