Sound Familiar? Mustangs lead early against Baylor

During Saturday’s game against Baylor, SMU pulled through with the first points of the game, scoring two field goals in the first quarter.

But Mustang fans shouldn’t get too excited. Throughout the 2015 season, SMU led early during several other games but only came away with a win in two of them.


In the second game of the 2015 season, SMU led UNT in the first, second and fourth quarter, pulling through with the first win of the 2015 season.

Iron Skillet vs TCU

Throughout the 2015 Iron Skillet game, SMU led briefly in the first quarter before TCU began to pull away. SMU managed to tighten the score in the fourth quarter with 37 points for SMU and 42 for TCU, but they never managed a lead after the end of the 1st.

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Homecoming game vs JMU

In the heartbreaking, homecoming game against James Madison last year, SMU gained a lead for half of the third quarter before Madison pulled ahead for the fourth. SMU then led within the last two minutes of the game to lose the game 48-45 in the last 30 seconds.

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When Mustangs competed against the East Carolina Pirates last year, SMU led the first touchdown as well as majority of the first quarter before the Pirates pulled away in the third quarter.


SMU similarly got on the scoreboard first against the Houston Cougars to lead the game until the last seconds of the second quarter.


SMU led for a few seconds against the USF Bulls before the Bulls took the lead and the game.

SMU vs Tulsa

In the battle against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane last year, SMU led the beginning of the game until the beginning of the second when Tulsa captured the lead and ultimately took the win with the Mustangs tailing closely behind.

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SMU vs Temple

The Temple Owls led majority of the game with SMU grabbing the lead briefly in the second. In the fourth, the Owls pulled away and took the win.

SMU vs Tulane

The Mustangs took the lead in the first quarter and finished the game off strong against Tulane, never allowing the Green Wave to take the lead. The Mustangs finished off with its second win and last lead of the season with a score of 49-21.

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