Press Pass, November 6, 2019

Ellie Beeck and Lorien Melnick recap SMU Football’s game against Memphis and give you their hot takes on the New England Patriots. EmmaKate Few takes you around the NFL and NBA to see how the former mustangs in the pros are performing. Kiley Hession gives you an inside look at what it was like in Memphis at ESPN’s College GameDay over the weekend.

WATCH: Press Pass Monday, April 1, 2019

Caroline Hogan and Allaire Kruse SMU Pro Day, with a look live from Phil Mayer, the latest updates from March Madness, and Locker Room Laughs. EmmaKate Few gives us an inside look at one of the brightest stars of SMU Men’s Golf, as well as an exclusive interview with football coach Randall Joyner in Coffee With Coaches.