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Texas, change with the times

This summer has been filled with huge news from Syria’s civil war to Nidal Hasan’s conviction to the despicable VMAs.

But for me, the biggest news that hit home was the Supreme Court’s June ruling to clear the way for same-sex marriages in California.

Now, don’t roll your eyes and think this is just another piece about same-sex marriage. Hear me out.

I was born and raised in Southern California. I come from a huge Roman Catholic and conservative background on both sides of my family.

My dad’s youngest brother came out when he was in his thirties.

The landmark decision in California to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry sparked wedding bells for my uncle.

After twelve years of being in a committed relationship, my uncle and his partner were finally married on the beach in California on August 8, 2013. Their love for one another is undeniable and a true testament to the sanctity of marriage.

Congratulations to California for recognizing and accepting this portion of our population.

I am not saying this is happy ever after.

However, based on my knowledge of my uncle and his partner, I believe that they, and other same-sex couples, should be entitled to the same rights that married heterosexual couples already have.

Same-sex marriage rights are secured in accordance with the, also recent, Supreme Court ruling of The Defense of Marriage Act. Their ruling states that gay and lesbian couples have the same federal benefits as a husband and wife.

Same-sex couples should also have joint tax returns. They should be allowed to be on their spouse’s insurance. At most companies, a person has to be your child or your spouse to be added to your insurance.

Hard-lined conservatives have jumped to the comparison of same-sex marriage as to marrying non-humans, such as pigs and horses. They are stating that it is a slippery-slope. Many argue, “Who is to stop the guy who wishes to marry his pig?”

This is a ridiculous and an outright disrespectful comparison.

We have seen this historically with slaves being referred to as property and animals. As a society, we need to grow and accept change, not put other people down.

Through witnessing my uncle’s loving and nurturing relationship, it is about time that California, and the rest of the country, recognize same-sex marriage.

I trust that I would feel exactly the same way whether a close relative of mine was gay or not.

Society as a whole should accept this union as much as it should be legally accepted. It will be interesting to see how Texas handles this, Dallas in particular, since it is such a conservative area.

I sincerely hope that Texas follows suit and changes with the times rather than living in the past.

This is not a political argument. This is a civil rights argument that goes hand-in-hand with all the others who have fought throughout history for dignity, respect and equality. To let politicians in Washington dictate the definition of someone’s love and commitment is morally heinous.

Thayer is a senior majoring in journalism.

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