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SMU students gather around a bucket of markers to write an encouraging note to put in “Welcome to the Shelter” kits at event in mid-April on SMU’s campus.
Dallas homeless recovery center, The Bridge, is a home
Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

Lilly Pulitzer goes wild to generate awareness

This spring Lilly Pulitzer continues with their theme of “Lilly Loves Green.”

The collection “Protective Prints”  celebrates their love of animals. All prints of the season are inspired by endangered species, their habitats and furry friends in order to generate awareness for protection.

On March 25, Lilly Pulitzer at NorthPark paired with the Dallas Zoo for an evening of cocktails, shopping and animal pals.

One attendee said, “I always come by to show my support for Lilly.”

From 10 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., Lilly donated 10 percent of all purchases to the Dallas Zoo and gave out Lilly-print stuffed animals to those who spent over $150.

The cocktail portion began at 6:30 p.m. and not only offered hors d’oeuvres, beverages and Lilly themed animal crackers, but also featured a black-footed African penguin named Opus, Erwin the American alligator and two Eurasian eagle owls named Krueger and Rose.

The animals are part of the zoo’s Animal Ambassadors program. They were raised in order to participate in the zoo’s outreach work in which they visit schools and other children organizations to educate and get them excited about animals.

Opus was, flippers down, the star of the event. She waddled around the entire night, while people took pictures and pet her. She looked just like a mini-person in a tuxedo. “She is probably the nicest penguin you will ever meet,” Sean Greene, Dallas Zoo deputy director,  said.

During the night, as a group gathered around her, Opus took the spotlight to relieve herself all over Greene.

“She’s got a little more spring than I thought she did,” laughed Greene while cleaning himself off. Everyone howled with laughter at the scene.

An SMU student, Summer Dashe, present at the event said, “As a huge supporter of animal rights, I thought this event was a creative and successful way to draw awareness to animal safety and preservation. I think events like this are small ways in which we can contribute and gain further support to improve the well-being of animals worldwide.”

The Dallas Zoo has recently added 11 acres of new adventure, creating a more exciting safari wildlife experience. The new attraction, opening late May, is called “Giants of the Savanna” and features lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and more.

The $27 million habitat was funded by 2006 voter-approved bonds and private donations.”Giants of the Savanna” is the largest Dallas Zoo project since the opening of the “Wilds of Africa” nearly 20 years ago.

Not only has Lilly shown their support for the Dallas Zoo, but they have also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund.

The spring print, Pandemonium, was designed exclusively for WWF. Lilly donates 10 percent of net sales from all items in this print to WWF.

The print can be found in all your favorite pieces from shifts to totes. This limited edition collection hit stores mid-February.

Lilly Pulitzer began as a juice stand in Palm Beach 50 years ago. After eloping with Peter Pulitzer, Lilly, a young New York socialite, settled in Palm Beach. Looking for a fun hobby, Lilly opened a juice stand featuring local citrus.

The business was a success, but all the squeezing left her clothes a mess, so Lilly designed a dress to camouflage the fruit stains.

The result was a comfortable sleeveless shift made of bright, colorful printed cotton in pink, green, yellow and orange—what is now known as the Classic Shift.

Customers loved her dress and soon Lilly was selling more shifts than juice. She closed the juice stand and focused solely on selling and marketing her “Lilly’s.”

Soon, Jackie Kennedy began wearing Lilly, which made Lilly Pulitzer a fashion sensation.
Throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Lilly Pulitzer line was worn by nearly all the affluent at play, especially those at resorts.

Lilly Pulitzer offers apparel for ladies, children and men, as well as ladies’ shoes, accessories and gifts.

There are currently 75 retailers around the country. Lilly Pulitzer is also sold in major department stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, as well as up-scale specialty shops, boutiques and clubs nationwide.

Its popularity continues to grow among women, particularly those boulevarding during football games here at SMU.

SMU junior Caroline Dowell has been a devoted Lilly fan since she was a little girl and is still just as in love with the brand today.

“We got our first shifts when we were in the second grade I would trade shifts all the time with my best friend and twin sister,” Dowell said of Lilly’s iconic print cotton shift dress.

Not only does Dowell have a wardrobe stocked with colorful Lilly clothes and accessories, the Lilly aesthetic even carries through into the décor of her bedroom.

“When we turned 14 we were allowed to redecorate our rooms and we both chose Lilly bedroom and fabrics,” Dowell said, of her and her sister’s bedroom at home in Lexington, Kentucky. “We still have it and we still love it.”

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