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After watching the shows at Fashion at the Park, one thing stood out to me that may have been overlooked by the girls here on the SMU campus: MNG by Mango.

Of course Intermix and Custo Barcelona showed fabulous things for the fashion-inclined girl on the go, but MNG by Mango’s spring nd summer collection really hit the proverbial nail on the head.

The clothing line, not previously available in Dallas, is best equated with prices around those of the clothes at Zara, but with a style more like Barneys.

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine at the MNG by Mango show, and it occurred to me that the girls of SMU are the key demographic for this retailer.

I was first exposed to MNG by Mango when visiting some friends in the Northeast. These friends, who are originally from the Middle East, always seemed to be wearing the cutest and most up-to-date things. When I asked where they got it, they told me from a store in Israel.

Being as it was near my sister’s birthday, I thought that I might want to go pick some things out for her, but when I found out that there were virtually no MNG by Mango stores (at the time) in the states, I was a bit disappointed.

This season I saw a lot of violet, black and white throughout many of the lines shown, all of which were colors used in the MNG by Mango spring/summer 2007 collection.

Looking at their online runway stills, I am reminded of the H&M stores in New York. Unlike other stores that I might lump into the same category with MNG by Mango, these clothes appear to last.

The same girlfriend of mine, whom I consider to be an expert in the realm of fashion, walked into the MNG by Mango store completely by coincidence a few weeks ago and found the most darling purple woven mini dress with pockets (aka Dress Pop).

As it so happens, we were in an upscale boutique some days later, when one of the sales associates asked her if that “was the Chloe dress” that was in last fall’s collection. My friend proudly stated that she found the garment at the new MNG by Mango store that just opened in NorthPark Center.

Those who know me best know that I am somewhat of a discriminatory shopper, so for me to rave about a new store must mean that it is quite the find.

It is also my opinion that the people who are best dressed mix and mach as well as those who wear everything from couture to vintage.

I think that some of the pieces in MNG by Mango could be the perfect complement to a great pair of clunky Marc Jacobs platform wedges or a stunning patent leather Chanel bag.

Located on the second level across from Barneys New York, MNG by Mango is easily accessible to anyone just strolling though the mall.

And when you do buy that great retro print tunic dress from MNG by Mango, and someone inevitably compliments you on it (and believe me, they will), you can smile and just say, “I know, right?”

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