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Morgan Shiver, Contributor • June 20, 2024

Senate starts task force for Hughes Trigg face lift


The prospective renovation hopes to center around Hughes-Trigg’s upcoming 30th anniversary in 2017. Photo credit: Ellen Smith

The Hughes-Trigg Student Center might be getting a face lift in time for its 30th anniversary. Student Senate formed a task forced focused on renovating the student center, after passing legislation last September.

Student Senate’s Student Center Renovation Task Force started because “We noticed that the Student Center does not satisfy the current needs of students,” Student Senate president Ramon Trespalacios said. “It should be like the living room to a house. We believe that the student center should be a key element for student success and we are missing that opportunity.”

The task force is made up of Student Body President Ramon Trespalacios, Student Body Vice President Jaywin Malhi, Secretary Katherine Ladner, Chief of Staff Monica Finnegan, Cox Senator Kayce Pederson, Pre-Major Senator Emily Dombrowski, Executive Director of Student Development and Programs Jennifer Jones, Executive Director of Finance, Student Affairs Robert Watling and Director of Hughes-Trigg Student Center Richard Owen.

The task force came up with a plan and strategy that the university can adopt to renovate the student center.

“We want to give students a place to hangout, to eat, to study,” Ladner said.

The renovated student center would be more welcoming to both graduate and undergraduate students, according to Lander.

“Personally, I’ve noticed that for most students the Hughes-Trigg serves as the place where you go only if you need something in it,” Trespalacios said. “Students go if they get in trouble, if you have a meeting or if they are looking for food or mail.

A central focus of the task force is creating a space more for students rather than
administrative space.

“At other schools, the student center is the heart of the student body,” Trespalacios said.

According to Trespalacios, the task force wants to make sure students from all parts of campus are involved.

The task force has visited several regional universities such as Texas Christian University, Texas A&M; and Oklahoma University to see how the way their student centers function. The group meet with student leaders and administration, as well.

“We figure out what to implempent in our student center,” Dombrowski said.

Dombrowski and Ladner both noticed how other school’s student centers are very school spirited oriented. The school colors at both OU, TCU and A&M; are prominent in the student center.

“We want create a space where we meet new people and interact with others,” Dombrowski said.

Technological updates, aesthetic cohesion and more student oriented space is over arching goal.

The project currently doesn’t have a start or end date.

Along with creating a strategy, the task force is working on raising awareness of needs of students, and getting support. The goal is getting the project at a starting point or an ending point by 2017, Hughes Trigg’s 30th anniversary.

“Whether it is a groundbreaking or a grand opening, the 30 year anniversary of Hughes-Trigg should be a year to celebrate,” Trespalacios said.”

If students have any ideas or suggestions for a new student center contact
[email protected].

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