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‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’: SMU students battle in One28 snowball fight

Students throw snowballs during the annual One28 snowball fight. (Courtesy of Ryan Miller/The Daily Campus)

Students gathered on Dallas Hall lawn Tuesday night for some cool fun in the August heat at One28’s Snowball Fight.

The dodgeball-style game began at 8 p.m. with 7,000 snowballs from Bahama Bucks for 10 teams.

Bahama Bucks is a Shaved Ice Company in North Dallas.

“They would shave the ice and then form them into snowballs,” event planner Adam Tarnow said. “Then they would put like 60 of them into a cooler and so we have 117 coolers of snowballs in the
[refrigerator] truck.”

Two years ago safety became an issue as there was no way to keep the snowballs cold.

“Two years ago, we didn’t have a refrigerator truck so [the snowballs] got icy and turned into ice balls and people got a lot of injuries,” junior Gloria Yi said. “This year we are having them sign a waiver that is really more like a warning to just
be careful.”

One28 volunteers warned students to be smart and not hit their friends in the head.

Each participant was also fitted with protective eyewear.

The game consisted of several four-minute fights between teams where students attempted to hit the opposing team with snowballs.

The team with the most players left on Dallas Hall lawn at the end of the four-minute fight won.

“We are just going to have a blast out here playing dodge ball with some snow,” Tarnow said before the snowball fights began. “This will be the fourth time we do it – we didn’t do it last year and I think that was a big mistake.”

According to Tarnow, many students missed the fight last year and asked for its return.

One28 worked hard to put on this quick and fun event.

“We started [planning] last semester, so it’s been months that we’ve been doing this,” Yi said. “A lot goes into it. We had to get in touch with SMU, and there is a lot of red tape with getting Dallas Hall lawn and just getting this approved in general. I mean, this is snowballs in the middle
of August.”

One28’s hard work definitely paid off. Over 300 students arrived excited for the night.

“I just want to bash my friends with some snowballs, that’s all I want,” sophomore James
Jang said.

“I’m really excited to see snow in Texas because it rarely happens,” sophomore and One28 student-leader Alex
Silhanek said.

The students enjoyed themselves while learning more about One28.

“As Jesus said, ‘Let him who sin throw the first snowball,” first-year Viay Ramesh said.

According to this fight, every student sinned.

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