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FiR Profile: Martin Camp

Crum Commons Faculty-in-Residence Martin Camp is very enthusiastic about the community the commons is creating. (Courtesy of SMU)

Title: Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Adjunct Professor of Law at Dedman School of Law

Years at SMU: Just began my 10th year.

Favorite academic subject outside of your own: History

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw? Took the test…It said

You are in Ravenclaw! You’re a witty, unique, clever, old soul! Congratulations!

What is the best part about the new Residential Commons system? The sense of Community, family and home away from home!

What made you want to be a Faculty in Residence? My daughter graduated from SMU five years ago and I know how much this college experience meant to her. I graduated from SMU Law school in 1979 and my oldest son and daughter-in-law graduated from SMU Law School a few years ago. We are a SMU Family. Look for our bricks when they are installed on the walkway! For two summers I was the Director of the Law School Oxford Programme (note the English spelling! LOL) and loved living with the students and experiencing the college life. I consider it a joy and a privilege to get to be part of the college experience for so many students. I hope to be able to mentor and support many students as they pursue their dreams and to be a resource to help them along the way with encouragement and a lot a laughter along the way.

What is your favorite part about living on campus? The campus is beautiful. It is like living in a park. I love sitting outside in the morning with my coffee and greeting students as they walk to eat or class or stop for a chat. There is an energy about just being on campus where so much is always going on! I look forward to being able to watch and support students in athletics and theatre, and music and art, etc. It is wonderful to be able to walk to work under the trees. I enjoy having the Dedman Center and Arnie right around the corner (though I am going to have to watch how much I eat at Arnie…especially the desserts!)

Why is Crum the best Commons? I can’t believe you even need to ask! Doesn’t everyone know already? We have a great spirit. The student leaders, RAs, etc., are so committed and enthusiastic. Our RCD, Sam, is amazing and so dedicated. From music on the quad, fiercely defending our turf in a water balloon battle of epic proportions, to finding an old style Popcorn Maker for my movie nights, I could not hope for a better person to work with. Crum Fellows are going to make a huge difference on campus! We have so many leaders! Just watch!

If you could design a Crum motto, what would it be? “Dream Big Dreams! They do come true! So CrumOn and get to work!….Life is Good!”

How involved are you, as a Faculty-in-Residence, with the students? I hope to be very involved. We have a program called “Traditions” where I open up my apartment each Wednesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for different activities. The first Wednesday of each month is movie night and we will have some special guests, actors and a filmmaker this semester. The last Wednesday is “Cooking with Camp” where we will learn special recipes. September is shrimp scampi. It will be hands-on learning and enjoying. In the middle of the month we will have guest speakers, distinguished alumni, programs on Mindfulness, etc. Each week’s tradition is something different.

I also have an office at Crum. Since my background is law and business, I want to be available to talk to students with interests in careers in those fields. I was a partner for 20 years with an international law firm and lived overseas for a while before coming to work at SMU. During that time I was in charge of new associate development and training at my law firm in Dallas for many years, and I have written in this area. I served on recruiting and hiring committees. I hope to be able to mentor students as they make decisions about careers and in the interview and job search process.

What advice would you give to the students living in your Commons? Your reputation begins today! Make this a time you are proud of and make the best of all SMU has to offer. Friends you choose today can be friends for life. There will never be another time in your life like college where you will be surrounded by so many others going through the same challenges and changes that you will face and experience. Have fun, but remember, college is about setting yourself up for the rest of your life. Be open to new ideas but don’t buy into any ideology system of thought just because a professor or a friend believes it passionately. Make your own decisions. Be true to yourself. Remember, in the final analysis, You are the most important person in Your Life! Even the Golden Rule says “Love your neighbor As yourself, not More Than or Instead Of yourself.” So take care of the wonderful person that you are and be your own best friend. Never put yourself in a situation where you don’t have control of your actions. Find something you are passionate about and follow your dreams. P.S. email, text, and call home! It is as hard or harder on your parents to let you go as it may be for you to miss the security and love of home. Life is Good!

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