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‘Mane Street SMU’ features new services

Subway, Park ‘N Pony, Giddy-Up Shuttle unveil today

Today marks the official end of a long journey for some whilefounding new establishments for others.

Those involved with the remodeling of the Hughes-Trigg StudentCenter, including construction workers, financial advisors andhigh-ranking officials within the University, will finally be ableto enjoy the finished product stemming from months worth ofbrainstorming and laborious efforts.

Students, on the other hand, can delight in a more convenientand up-to-date Student Center, which has undergone a transformationto correspond to campus needs.

Wednesday will mark the official Grand Opening of a new Subwayand Giddy-Up Program, and an improved Mirror Images outlet and Park‘N Pony office.

The Grand Opening will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Julie Wiksten, Director of Auxiliary Services, theoccasion will be sprinkled with giveaways and free food.

Subway, the deli-style restaurant made famous via an assortmentof diet-savvy sandwiches, becomes the latest mainstream diningoption to reside in the Mane Course.

Sophomore theatre major Jon Grunert looks forward to the newfood commodities available.

“It’s exciting because now there is a healthy andcheap alternative to Umphrey-Lee,” he said.

And junior marketing and Italian double major Andrea Brodskymade her sub sandwich of choice clear.

“[Subway] is so much better than Blimpie!”

As the SMU community welcomes Subway to campus, they will returnthe favor by offering free food samples during the GrandOpening.

More freebies will be available as the main floor ofHughes-Trigg becomes the new home for Mirror Images and Park‘N Pony.

“Mirror Images is a satellite of Images in ClemmentsHall,” Wiksten said, “geared to students and moreconveniently located.”

“Park ‘N Pony is the newly combined and relocatedoffices of Parking, Access Control, and ID Offices.”

The union of the three departments was created to better servethe SMU community, including new handicapped access and a locationbetter suited to handle the high volume of traffic passing throughdaily.

To mark the merger, the new offices will be dishing out freemirrors, koozies, and lanyards – all valuable accessories forday-to-day life at SMU.

Finally, the most recent addition to SMU’s vast safetymeasures, the Giddy-Up Program, will be formally unveiled.

“Giddy-Up is a program to enhance Hilltop Watch,SMU’s Crime watch program,” Wiksten explained.

“Once [the program] officially starts, it will run 6pm-3amevery night.”

Since August 15, the Police Department has been offering theservice from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., as Wiksten explained, “to getparents and students familiar with it.”

Students who visit all four participants in the Grand Opening(Subway, Mirror Images, Park ‘N Pony and Giddy-Up) betweenthe hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. will have the opportunity toregister for beneficial prizes.

Each of the prizes will target a certain aspect of the GrandOpening ceremonies, including $25.00 in PONY EXPRESS CA$H, a $25.00coupon to pay a parking ticket, $10.00 worth of free copies atMirror Images and more.

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