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Parking office pars down permits available

Campus parking simplified

The Park ‘N Pony office provides the SMU campus with avariety of parking services including parking permits, guest andspecial events parking and processing of all parking citations.

Last year SMU issued 19 types of parking permits includingfraternity, sorority, first-year male, SMU apartment and retiredfaculty and staff stickers. Mark Rhodes, director of parking and IDservices, said the parking department needed full-time attentionbecause of the wide variety of permits. “Having 19 variousdecals was like dividing a pie into 67 different slices,”Rhodes said. “It would eventually diminish, causing moreproblems.”

To solve the problem, he said the department simply reduced thenumber of stickers.

This year there are only four different types of parkingpermits.

Red stickers are now used to designate commuters and alluniversity parking. Blue permits are for faculty and staff. Yellowstickers are for campus residents and green is for lawstudents.

“It’s customer friendly,” Rhodes said.

Previously, first-year males could only park in Dedman 3 butwith the construction and renovation of the Dedman center, changeshad to be made, he said.

All motor vehicles on campus must have a current parking permitdisplayed in the bottom left corner of the vehicle’s rearwindow. For convertibles, the permit can be displayed on the leftside of the bumper.

Students, faculty and staff can register their vehicle at thePark ‘N Pony office. You must present your driver’slicense, plate number and proof of payment before receiving adecal.

Full-time student permits cost $200 per year. Faculty and staffpermits cost $240 per year.

Students, faculty and staff can pay their parking tickets withcash or check in the Park ‘N Pony office. Once the citationreaches your student account it can be paid using Pony Express.Students wishing to pay violations with credit cards should makepayments in the Blanton Student Services building.

To obtain a student permit visit the Laura Lee Blanton StudentFinancial Services office or go online

The parking office also manages Mustang Express, the Darttransit passes and access control to all campus facilities.

Mustang Express, DART route 768, runs every 20 minutes from 7a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and every 40 minutes from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.,Monday through Friday. Schedules are available in the Hughes-TriggStudent Center.

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