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VIDEO: Students show support for Homecoming candidates

With Homecoming weekend just around the corner, students have a chance to tour the world with Student Foundation’s theme of the year, “Bright Lights, Big City.”

All participating students came out to support their respective homecoming candidates in Rock the Vote Monday night. Groups, dressed up in their organization colors, came to Westcott field in high sprits holding balloons and noisemakers.

The evening kicked off with a dance routine from the Mustang Mavericks. Afterwards, Homecoming candidates came out dressed in Halloween costumes ranging from angry birds to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

“Rock the Vote is a great way for students to show their spirit and also learn a little bit more about all the candidates,” Laura Schur, Chi Omega’s candidate said.

Hosts Alex Ehmke and Adriana Martinez asked every candidate a different question, allowing him or her 30 seconds to answer. A few questions stayed in line with the Halloween spirit, like “What is your favorite childhood Halloween costume?” To which, U11’s candidate, Austin Poynter, replied, “Power Rangers.”

Some questions were SMU related. Beta Theta Pi’s candidate, Seth Ramey, was asked, “What is your favorite SMU memory?”

“My favorite SMU memory was watching SMU beat TCU in football this year,” Ramey said.

Other questions were strictly just for fun. Ehmke asked Chi Omega’s Laura Schur to make a decision, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

“Why would I choose either of those sides when I could choose Team Ricky?” Schur said, choosing her partner, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s candidate Ricky Townsend.

SMU cheerleaders made a special appearance at Rock the Vote to get students pumped up about the game on Saturday with a cheer to the song “Party Rock Anthem.”

The winners of field day, Peruna painting and the banner contest were announced as well. For field day, third place went to Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) and Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike), second place went to Alpha Chi Omega (Alpha Chi) and Beta Theta Pi (Beta) and first place went to Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi) and Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). For Peruna paintings, Alpha Chi and Beta won third place, Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon won second place and Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon won first place. Lastly, the banner contest winners were Alpha Chi and Beta in third, College Hispanic American Students (CHAS) and Association of Black Students (ABS) in second place and Theta and Pike in first place.

“It’s a really great way to get everyone pumped up, no matter what organization you’re in,” Marlee Klein, the homecoming candidate for Alpha Chi Omega, said. “People love getting excited about Homecoming and this is just a fun way to do it.”

Elections are now open and students can go to to cast their vote for Homecoming Queen and King.

Groups will continue to work on their floats all week, which will debut in the Homecoming parade Saturday at 11 a.m. During the game’s halftime, the Homecoming Queen and King will be announced as well as the winners of Homecoming overall. The game against Tulane will take 2 p.m. in Gerald Ford Stadium.

Video shot and edited by Ashley Withers, [email protected]

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