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Another handful of songs you should probably listen to

(Courtesy of
(Courtesy of

Hey there Mustangs, MC Mattioli here with another compilation of rising tunes handpicked just for you. Now, despite the proximity of Halloween creeping just around the corner, don’t expect to find any songs on here reminiscent of the theme. However, if you’re looking for tracks to get your blood pressure rising while getting into costume this weekend, or ones to help keep you sane the morning after, I got you covered.

If you missed my first edition of “new songs you need to hear,” catch it here.

1. NASA – STS-135: Countdown to Launch
Last week, NASA debuted their very own Soundcloud page full of some of the most iconic soundbites in American history. With playlists categorized by event, you can hear clips ranging everywhere from “Lightning on Jupiter” to the original “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Absolutely astonishing.

2. The Weeknd – Often (Lido Remix)
Norwegian name-you-need-to-know, Lido is back with another remix to blow everyone else out of the water. Easily the best thing I’ve heard this month, Lido puts his one of a kind touch on The Weeknd’s latest release. This is to be listened to loud, and I mean very loud.

3. Gorgon City – Imagination feat. Katy Menditta
British duo Gorgon City actually pitstopped at Dallas’s iconic disco club, It’ll Do, last week as part of their tour promoting their new album, Sirens, which this track comes from. If you’re into that UK jungle/house/garage sound, you’re going to love this. Shoutout to my boys for putting this one on my radar.

4. Lion Babe – Jump High feat. Childish Gambino
Lion Babe, a duo from NYC, is a name I’ve only recently heard of and yet they’ve already made a track with a figure as big as Donald Glover? Proof that these guys are on the fast track to the top 10. Love the soul vibes on this one. Also worth noting, the apple of my eye, SNAKEHIPS released a grade A remix of their single “Treat Me Like Fire,” which is definitely worth a listen here.

5. Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix)
Speaking of soul, French producer 20syl released this incredible remix of Grammy award winning jazz artist, Gregory Porter this month. You might remember 20syl from the last mixtape, in which case you might also remember that this producer knows no limits to what he can do. I love the diversity he brings to the table, and this one is jam packed with funk.

6. Big Data – Dangerous (Oliver Remix)
This right here is the token banger of this month’s playlist, from who else but DJ duo Oliver. It’s got hints of Justice in there but still characteristic of Oliver’s heavy while still ethereal style.

7. BANKS – Drowning (Stwo Remix)
Alright so meow we’re going to take this down a notch for a little bit, beginning with this chill, trap-y remix of brunette bombshell, BANKS’s “Drowning” from one of my favorite players in the game right now, Stwo. This is making waves all over the internet, and just from the first listen, also sounds like something that would make waves in the bedroom. Just sayin’.

8. Mansionair – Hold Me Down (L C A W Remix)
Another late night track (I’m talking like, 3 or 4am) from German producer, L C A W. I discovered this remix on the indie house YouTube Channel, La Belle Musique, similar to TheSoundYouNeed and Soundisstyle. If you haven’t tapped into this music goldmines, then I would highly recommend it to occupy your time until my next playlist.

9. Melodiesinfonies – Wanderlust
Not necessarily new, this track from Swiss producer, Melodiesinfonies has some old school sounds spun together with Soulection style beats and hints of that crisp vinyl scratch. His Soundcloud page is the perfect one to get lost in for easy, atmospheric yet insightful listening (see: this Sunday after all the festivities have ended and you’re laying in bed trying to come back down to Earth)

10. Leon Bridges – Coming Home
I saved the best for last, once again. “Coming Home,” from Fort Worth artist Leon Bridges is first of all, a standout track from the rest of this list, but a standout also among all the music on the radio today. Bridge has a modern vintage sound that is so real, so authentic, and so addicting, and it makes you feel so warm after listening to it. He’s only got two tracks on his SC for the time being but trust me, you’ll be playing them on repeat. Keep your eye on this local talent.

11. NASA – Apollo 11: That’s One Small Step For (a) Man
Had to.

BONUS TRACK: Flume – That Look
This is a bit unethical as a music journalist to do as this track was a) leaked and b) reportedly unfinished but it’s just SO GOOD and I care about you music fans SO MUCH that I had to share it. Leaked from Flume’s upcoming album, this song will give you goosebumps from head to toe on your first listen, and will also (on the downside) make you irrationally impatient for more of Flume’s upcoming work. Unfortunately, it will probably be a bit of a wait. Until then, dive into this via The Indie Shuffle before it gets taken down again.

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