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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Songs you need to hear Vol. 3


At last, ’tis the season of giving! And spending, and stressing, and shivering and hopefully some sleeping. Well, I’ve got the gift of music here for all you dedicated listeners to help make this holiday season the best yet. This month’s playlist is especially upbeat to help keep you motivated through the next few weeks of finals and keep that blood pumping as the temperature starts to drop.

It’s been a delight being able to share my music with you Mustangs, and I hope you all have found at least a song or two that you’ve really connected with that could light up your day. I anticipate spending most of my downtime over winter break scoping out an extra large batch of tracks so check back for another installment after the new year! If you missed my previous playlists, you can dive in here and here.

Happy holidays and best of luck on finals! You all will kill it, I’m sure. Now on to the music ~

Songs you need to hear vol. 3 by zmattioli

1. ZHU – Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)
This was one of my favorite tracks off the much-talked about debut EP from the mysterious ZHU. French producer FKJ put his warm, funky touch on it and it’s absolutely delicious. I got lost in it for about an hour the other day.

2. Hudson Mohawke – CHIMES RMX feat. Pusha T, Future, Travi$ Scott, French Montana
You might recognize the instrumental beat, “CHIMES,” from some of the recent Apple advertisements. Always interesting to see trap integrated into popular culture. But my favorite part about this track is the interactive video that it’s paired with where you can drag the featured rappers’s faces across the screen to the beat. Take 5 minutes out of your day to play with it here.

3. Tove Stryke – Borderline
Aight, this girl is my obsession of the month. She’s the latest and greatest musical export from Sweden, whose sound runs along the same lines as fellow Scandinavians NONONO and Mø. “Borderline” is her lead single, but I also really love “Brag” and especially connect with “Even If I’m Loud Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You.” Heck, I like all of her stuff. She’s great. Take note.

4. Chiefs & Nick Acqurrof – Inside Out
This is one of those songs that just really gets your heartbeat rising, the kind that when the beat drops you just wanna throw shit off the top of a building or wave your arms out the sunroof of a car on the freeway. This track comes from two artists off the Australian record label, DIEHIGH Records, so if you like the sound of this I strongly recommend checking out more of their stuff via their Soundcloud.

5. Bakermat – Teach Me
This is probably the most upbeat track on here, and it’s got a great, lively disco feel that makes it sound like a perfect song to hear in a club on New Years Eve dancing around with all your friends, confetti flying everywhere while you skate around on rollerblades, shakin’ your groove thang with your fro combed out on fleek… Or however it is you’ll be ringing in the new year is fine too.

6. ODESZA – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)
Not a new song but a playlist of mine wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from ODESZA. This one is pulled from their latest album that I mentioned a while ago but has come to be one of my current favorites. It’s got this great R&B; vibe that sounds different than any of their other songs but it works and I like it. Also, if you’re big on snow sports, I would advise you to download all of their stuff (it’s free, dude) because it’s exactly what you wanna hear when you’re shredding that gnar pow pow.

7. Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (HNNY Remix)
I was gonna throw the Lido remix of this beautiful track from Flight Facilities BUT – I’m loyal to the Swedes and I think this one stands out a little bit more anyways. So while you’re cozying up next to the fire with friends, family, high school sweethearts or you star-crossed lover this break, put this one and the feels will soak right in.

8. Yung Lean – Kyoto Prod. Yung Gud
Ah Yung Lean, the forefront of the Sad Boys movement and the rest of that weird Internet subculture that I’m not sure has a definite name yet. You know, with the revival of 90’s style graphics, bucket hats, Japanese text on black & white t-shirts, holographic accessories… ringing a bell yet? Well anyways, I threw this one on here because 1) Regardless of whether or not you like this song, you should know who Yung Lean is if you want to look cool at parties and 2) He’s coming to Dallas next week if you suddenly fall under his spell and want to catch the rarity of the Sad Boy IRL. I’ll be there, we can kick it. Oh, and did I mention he’s Swedish? That’s number three on this list #swedishmusictakeover

9. Mark Ronson – Feel Right feat. Mystikal
Not only is Mark Ronson, one of my all-time favorite producers, back on the scene, but in this track that he debuted on SNL, he’s bringing Mystikal back with him! I love how Ronson is all about reviving that amazing 70’s style funk, and I hope some off his new stuff starts to knock all that lame pop off the radio. In fact, I think his track with Bruno Mars is already making a dent.

10. Binky Griptite – Stone Soul Christmas
Well, I decided to add a holiday song to top it all off. This one is *hopefully* one you haven’t heard yet and will want to hear again after the first play. Bump this when all the family’s gathering around in the kitchen and watch how quickly everyone, no matter how young or how old, will start to feel merry. Enjoy 🙂

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