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Lexi Hodson, Contributor • May 16, 2024

How to cope with holiday weight gain

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed all my clothes shrinking.

I assumed it was the washing and drying machines or it was my neglecting the correct washing instructions.

Alas, I was very, very wrong.

I had been avoiding the fact that I fell victim to holiday weight gain.

With increasing amounts of homework and hours put into studying, I had neglected eating properly and was not as productive during my short trips to the gym.

Instead of actively choosing the healthier option, I became lazy; Panda Express, Chipotle and Salata were my go-to meals when I was in a rush or off campus.

Although I had “controlled” when I would choose to indulge, that orange chicken, burrito bowl and dressing-drenched salads came back to haunt me.

I slowly began to notice the difference once my favorite leggings failed to make my a** look amazing and I had to hoist waistline up past my stomach to keep everything shapely (girls you know what I mean).

From there, it only got worse.

I came home for Thanksgiving break greeted by my loving, but brutally honest family. The problem with having blunt family members is that they aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what you look like- especially if you haven’t seen them for a while.

One in particular (who shan’t be named in case they read this), pointed out my face “rounding out.”

It was said with love, and they obviously knew I hadn’t been keeping up with my normal eating and workout habits, but it still stung.

I knew it was time.

I weighed myself to see how much heavier I’d gotten.

Averaging about four to six weeks of neglecting my health, rarely sleeping and eating too much and too late, I had gained roughly five pounds.

I knew the world wasn’t over. But I also knew that my unhealthy eating patterns were also contributing to my diminishing good looks (whatever was left) and sluggishness.

And right as I reflected over this, I realized I had ripped the bandaid off.

I had come to terms that I wasn’t my regular size anymore. I had come to terms that I don’t have my high school metabolism where I could eat McDonald’s three times a week and still weigh around one hundred pounds (this is sadly true). And I had finally come to terms that I need to make health a real priority in order to maintain my physical and mental wellness.

It’s not just about fitting into size zero skinny jeans or looking good in a sports bra and spandex. It’s about making sure your blood levels are maintained at normal levels and that your sodium and cholesterol levels won’t be so high you’ll have a heart attack by thirty.

Yes, holiday weight gain sucks. The fact that it’s almost Christmas break tempts me more to just wait until 2015 and make a New Year’s resolution to “get fit and stay healthy all year!” But I know that once I get back into my routine, as hard as it may be with Christmas cookies and candy canes tempting me, I’ll be better and happier off in the long run.

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