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Tech passing a problem for Mustangs

SMU Mustangs VS. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Key Match-Up

Mustang Offensive Line vs. Red Raider Defense

It’s no secret that the Mustang offense was more thanunproductive last year, and this year it will be interesting to seehow Head Coach Phil Bennett’s addition of Rusty Burns asquarterback coach and offensive coordinator and Ronnie Vinklarek asoffensive line coach will pay off.

The offensive line is relatively young, as is the entire Mustangteam (86 out of 113 players are underclassmen), and could be testedearly.

On the other side of the ball, Texas Tech is returning ninedefensive starters. That said, the Tech defense is the weakest partof the team.

Despite an 8-5 record, the Tech defense gave up an average of 34points to opposing teams.

On the other hand, when the offense averages 582 yards and 42points per game, the defense can be lacking and a team can stillfind success. The Red Raiders clearly proved last season.

Overall, the Mustang offensive line must protect SMU quarterbackChris Phillips for SMU to have a chance. If the offensive line canhold for four quarters and give Phillips and his corps of receiversopportunities to advance the ball, the Mustangs might have achance.

The only way to beat Tech is to outscore them, and that onlyhappens through offense.

If the offensive line can buy time for Phillips, SMU can play acompetitive game.



SMU’s Foy Munlin

Filling former running back Keylon Kincade’s shoes will beno easy task, but Bennett has faith in Munlin.

“He’s one of the hardest working guys on theteam,” Bennett said. “He’s a grinder.”

Ironically, Munlin joined the Mustangs from the Red Raiders, soit will come as no surprise to anyone that Tech will be gunning forhim.

Munlin’s 5-foot-11-inch, 230 pound frame guarantees thathe can power through any defense and he’ll be looking toprove that he is more than a successor to Kincade against his oldteam.


Texas Tech’s Adell Duckett

Duckett, a defensive end for the Red Raiders, is a dominantdefensive player, and his prowess earned him a spot on the LombardiAward Preseason Watch List.

In 2003, Duckett led the Big 12 in sacks (14) and tackles for aloss (23.5), setting school records in both categories. Duckett, at6-foot-7-inches and 329 pounds, could mean problems for SMUquarterback Phillips.

If the offensive line lets Duckett through, Phillips scramblingmay not be enough to keep the Mustangs in the game.

Sacks often lead to turnovers and turnovers for the Mustangslead to losses.


Inside the Red Raiders

Air Raiders

The Red Raiders do not attempt to hide the fact that theiroffense, if not their whole team, depends on a heavy passinggame.

Coach Bennett realizes this and estimates that “88 percent[of their offense is] passing.” Stopping the passing game ofTech is no easy task.

Last year, Tech collected 314 yards in the air against theMustangs. When Tech’s passing game is on, they’re hardto beat.

Bennett knows this, and if the secondary can execute, theMustangs can limit the Red Raiders’ air attack.


Postseason Success

Texas Tech has advanced to a bowl game in each of the past fouryears and five out of the last six.

No strangers to the bowl scene, the Red Raiders won their lasttwo bowl games.

Last year, the Red Raiders defeated Navy, 38-14, in the HoustonBowl.

Many experts expect Texas Tech’s bowl streak tocontinue.

A Mustang victory could damage Tech’s chances and onlyhelp SMU’s.


Inside the Mustangs

QB or not QB?

A potentially volatile situation facing the offense is theplethora of quarterbacks.

Although last season’s finishing starter, Chris Phillips,landed the starting job for the 2004 season, he faces some stiffcompetition. In place of former Mustang quarterbacks Tate Wallisand Richard Bartel, Bennett will look to former junior collegequarterbacks Jerad Romo (Antelope Valley Junior College) and TonyEckert (Tyler Junior College).

The team has had its share of quarterback problems in the past,but hopefully, Phillps can prove he is the right man for the job… permanently.


Out to Pasture

In their most recent outings, the Mustangs have not put up muchof a challenge against the Red Raiders.

In fact, Tech has won the last nine meetings dating back to1989. To add injury to insult, the Raiders have outscored theMustangs 390-193 in those nine contests.

The closest game the team has played against Tech during thattime was in 2002, when the Mustangs lost 24-14.

Last year, the Red Raiders defeated the Mustangs 58-10.


The Mustangs take on the Red Raiders Saturday at 7 p.m. inGerald J. Ford Stadium.

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