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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Krewe du Ware brings Mardi Gras to SMU campus

Can you say “Fiesta”? Because SMU says “Krewe du Ware!” On Saturday, Ware Commons hosted the 1st Annual Krewe du Ware extravaganza on campus.

From cajun food, over 200 pounds of crawfish, king cakes, red beans and rice, to jumbo, Ware brought out all the Mardi Gras staples.

If you missed it, well you missed it. A second line brought down the house, but the true entertainment was the freak show – a fire breather, juggler and a jester on stilts.

But this wasn’t any ordinary freak show.

The courageous characters exalted an unmatched panache in their performances, interacting with the party-goers and including them in their tricks.

Spectators watched in amazement as common people and classmates caught flying knives, threw fiery sticks and pulled swords out of throats.



Look out New Orleans, Ware Commons is a force to be reckoned with.
I asked member of the organization team and resident of Ware, Samiat Okoya, where this idea began.

She explained, “The idea of a Mardi Gras Festival (Krewe du Ware) came about last spring when RCLC, the Residential Commons Leadership Corp, was establishing colors, crest and traditions for each commons. Faculty in Residence Tom Tunks (Papa Tunks as we like to call him), his wife and [resident assistant]and RCLC member Kaleb O. Lee are all from Acadiana (French Louisiana), so they thought this would be a great idea. Jamie Hinz is also one of the member of RCLC members. (She was the first).”


Richard Ware donated the funds to host the event for Ware Commons and the SMU campus.

Participants came from every corner of campus, including students hailing from the foreign lands of Virginia Snyder to people representing the families of the maintenance staff.

Samiat explained that, “With the rise of the new commons some feel that there are have and have nots since some commons have living donors that can give them fleeces and throw parties while others are limited to the fund the school gives. Our hope was to take the generosity of Richard Ware and share it across campus. We aim to unify the commons and take away at least for one day any divide that may exist.”


But the day of attractions and celebrations was not the entirety of the event. Oh no, the party never ends. A separate event was held that evening, especially for Ware Commons residents. Decked out in fabulous masks provided by the Commons, the residents of Ware enjoyed a formal dinner covered by the purple light of tent larger than the Commons itself. As you can probably guess, there was more music, loads of pictures, and of course, unending eats.


Although the starlight dinner was restricted to only residents of Ware Commons, the day was an interesting and immersive experience for everyone and anyone at Southern Methodist University.

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