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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

The DC spends five minutes with the Roaming Gnome

America’s favorite garden gnome graced SMU with his presence this past week for College GameDay. The Travelocity Roaming Gnome spent his time visiting all of Dallas’ hot spots like Reunion Tower, the Traveling Man statue and Katy Trail. He also hit up all of SMU’s favorite locations including Moody Coliseum, the Mustang statues and the Boulevard.

The Daily Campus caught him right as he was about to participate in an SMU tradition: fountain hopping. Decked out in snorkel gear and a leopard bathing suit, we spent a few minutes with the Roaming Gnome. Despite his hilarious Instagram captions and eccentric outfits, the Roaming Gnome is a little media shy, so we spoke to his good friend Tom Holtz on behalf of Travelocity.

The Roaming Gnome gets ready to take the plunge into an SMU fountain. Photo credit: Christina Cox

The DC: The Roaming Gnome is traveling around to lots of different college campuses. What started this project?

Tom Holtz: This is the second year for the Roaming Gnome to be a part of College GameDay and it basically aligns with his mantra to “go and smell the roses,” to get out and go experience things. Each city we land in, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome goes to any of the hot spots. We reach out via Twitter and social networks to get the inside scoop on the best places to go and eat and see and drink and have fun. We spend the first part of the week going to all these places and then we end with his appearance on College GameDay every Saturday.

The DC: When the Roaming Gnome isn’t traveling to campuses for College GameDay, does the he travel to other locations?

TH: The Roaming Gnome has been all over the world. He doesn’t stay stagnant for very long, he likes to keep moving. He is typically busy with GameDay during the season but he has been known to shoot off and do some other things when GameDay isn’t happening. He’s been to a couple hockey games recently in Dallas and Chicago. He’ll be traveling shortly to Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. He likes to travel; it’s hard to keep him stagnant.

The Roaming Gnome checks out Moody Coliseum. (Courtesy of Twitter)

The DC: Is the Roaming Gnome dressed up in different outfits for each location he visits?

TH: The Gnome likes his wardrobe. He likes to fit the scenes he is creating. He tells us what he needs on to make sure he fits every situation. Today, he’s about to go fountain hopping so he has the proper snorkel gear.

The DC: Does the Roaming Gnome participate in the college traditions, like fountain hopping, at every school he visits?

TH: He likes to experience the university as a student would or as the people from each city would. He really tries to respect the traditions and what everyone does, while having a lot of fun.

The DC: Is there a favorite place he likes to visit?

TH: His favorite is to just keep moving to new places. He can’t really narrow it down to one because he likes them all.

The Roaming Gnome loved spending his Valentine’s Day with the SMU Cheer and Pom Squad. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Based on his social media accounts, the Roaming Gnome had a wonderful time at SMU and in Dallas. He had an especially eventful Valentine’s Day when he met the SMU cheer and pom squad. We loved meeting you Roaming Gnome. You are welcome back anytime to “go and smell the roses.”

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