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The Daily Campus

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The Daily Campus

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The Daily Campus


Where is this on campus?

You pass these places on campus every day, but do you ever really see them? SMU journalists took photos of interesting locations on campus to see if you can guess what and where they are. Check out the clues and photos below and see how well you know our campus. A link to an answer key is provided at the very end so you can check how well you did.

Location A:
It was established in 1951, and people often dress formally when they visit this place. There is music and singing at this place that has an organ with 3,750 pipes

Photo credit: Nathan Baldwin

Location B:
These wires may intertwine into a noisy complexion, but the location of this artwork is in a quiet section. Here you can find: student activities, sushi, and coffee, plus here there are always people in the lobby.

Photo credit: Emily Fann

Location C:
This etched amendment is central to the students who study within its walls.

Photo credit: Bridget Graf

Location D:
Although not quite the musically-driven Owen Fine Art’s Center, this building does have a piano in its atrium.​

Photo credit: Kristy Lee

Location E:
This piece of architecture on campus was created during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. It was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in1978. What building is this?​

Photo credit: Rebecca Ragsdale

Location F:
I control the lower thirds, the full screens, and the cameras. The show cannot go on without me. When my buttons light up, show time is surely soon to follow. Many have tried me though few have mastered my technical difficulties.​ Where am I?

Photo 1.jpg
Photo credit: Nikki Chavanelle

Location G:
The Cox school of Business is a top rated business school in America. Student success has largely to do with the intimate classroom size. This gives the professors the ability to identify, and work with individual students, allowing the students to have direct and personal relationships with their professors.

this is an image
Photo credit: Schuyler Mack

Location H:
Although it’s technically “against the law” for undergraduate students use. This location provides the perfect place to study with all the right amenities.

this is an image
Photo credit: Sissy Dreyer

Location I:
In this building, students have made sure to keep Ebola out of sight.

this is an image
Photo credit: Caroline Mendes

Location J:
With its rich history dating back to 1917, this side of the largest building on campus houses an unusual mix of more than ten different majors. This image is from one of the large venues within this building which faces Hillcrest Avenue. To this day, the legacy of the school remains linked to important names of the past.

this is an image
Photo credit: Ally Van Deuren

Location K:
Ascend to great heights with these in one of the oldest buildings at SMU. Appreciate the texture and antique flair while making your way to class on upper floors.

this is an image
Photo credit: Sierra Uselton

How did you do? Check out this link to find out!

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