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National MSA honors SMU organization

Various student organizations litter The Boulevard during theyear advertising programs and activities.

Stake signs entice students with suggestions of free food, anirresistible temptation to most, and exciting proclamations ofenergizing events and speakers.

This past Labor Day in Chicago, Ill., the National MuslimStudents’ Association honored SMU’s MuslimStudents’ Association, a 20-year-old organization here oncampus, for its achievements.

The organization received a plaque commemorating their hard workfor the past year, an honor they will hold until the upcomingyear.

Serving his second term as President of MSA, Asad Rahman feltMSA deserved the award but it was still a surprise when theyreceived it.

“We make an effort to stay involved in all levels of MSA.We try to educate the SMU student body as well as being activemembers in the Dallas community and the national community,”he said.

On average most MSA organizations have roughly 300 to 400members, but the small size of the organization did not stop themfrom pursuing big dreams.

After a regional conference in Dallas this summer, its CentralZone representative Omar Zakariya helped in the nominating process,because of the organization’s commendable involvement.

With help from letters sent by Student Body President ChipHiemenz and Student Trustee Thomas Kincaid, the organizationpetitioned for a nomination to the National MSA along with otherMSA organizations looking for the same bid at the Nationaltitle.

The nominations were then reviewed by the National MSAorganization and the top organization was selected.

“Even though they are small in size they stay involved andtheir programs seem to standout from other MSAorganizations”, said Zakariya.

A nine-member executive board governs the organization withadvice from University Chaplin Will Finnin and Heshman El Rewini,Chair of the Computer Science department.

“Working with MSA has been a joyful experience. I am proudof the MSA chapter, the services they have rendered for the lastcouple of years and all their hard work,” said Finnin.

Most recently, the organization hosted the Palestinian Filmfestival, which ran Sept. 17-19.

Their major upcoming events include Islam Awareness Week,Ramadan Dinner, Muslim Comedy Night, various community serviceprojects and a fundraising dinner for an unnamed 3rd worldcountry.

Not only are their programs effective on campus but also in theDallas community and on a national level.

Many newly affiliated students to MSA and SMU are taking noticeof how dedicated the group is to its community and to enriching itsenvironment.

“It feels good to be part of something with purpose anddrive that wants to create a community not just of Muslims, but acommunity of fellowship with all people,” said first-yearstudent and MSA member, Shmyla Alam.

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