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Guildhall Game Corner

The Sims 2 Wins Hearts, Minds and Free Time

So what can I say about the long anticipated sequel to the bestselling game of all time? Having a legacy like that can put adeveloper in a compromising position. It’s almost likesequels for movies – most people never like the sequel.

I picked up a copy of The Sims 2 on its first day ofrelease. The installation was easy and has mini games to keep youbusy as it installs on your computer. Launching the game was veryexciting for an original Sims fan like me. The load time wasconsiderably less painful; that was a good start. The cinematicintro is fun to watch and gives you a good idea of the game playexperience.

After the game launches you get a choice of three pre-madeneighborhoods with existing families. For first time Sims players,choosing an existing family and experimenting with them is usuallythe best way to learn how to play the game.

The Sims 2 has several significant differences from theoriginal. In The Sims 2, your characters age, which meansthey keep different friends and have a more complex relationshipsystem. The new 3-D engine makes this version of the game visuallyappealing.

The house building options has increased with multi-level homebuilding, porch options, multi-level windows and more control overthe roofing system. This is a double-edged sword in my opinion. Itmay be harder for some people to successfully create a customizedhouse in the game, but

the character building option in this version is truly amazing.The amount of control you have to build a new character includesdetails such as how wide their cheekbones are, and where their earssit in comparison to the rest of their face.

The Sims gaming phenomenon is based around the fact that TheSims meet the needs of two huge consumer markets generallyneglected by game producers. The first market is the female market.This electronic social dollhouse made a staggering connection withwomen. The second is the casual gamer. These gamers are gettinginto the builder side of the game as well as the godlike feeling ofcontrolling the Sims’ every move. The deep social matrix thatis created in the game can also be very intriguing for players.

The game’s menu system is intuitive and gives new playersa chance to catch on quickly. It is also similar to the originalSims so returning players aren’t shocked with a new userinterface.

This version of The Sims also includes a movie-making option.This is a delight for those who are interested in Machinima,animated filmmaking in a real-time virtual 3-D world. This emergingtechnology is revolutionizing how animated films are made. Nowplayers can create their own soap opera or reality show in thisamazing virtual world.

After playing the game for hours I found myself obsessed againwith the success of my Sims. As well as making sure they have theright kind of job, house and friends. The game can be veryaddictive and can leech hours out of your day. That is, however,proof of good game design. The Sims 2 is brilliant and comesfrom one of the most successful and original game designers of alltime, Will Wright.

The Sims 2 is rated Teen for crude humor, sexual themesand violence. This is a fair rating so younger children should notplay this game.


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Gaming Briefs

“NHL 2005” Helps With Hockey Cravings

EA Sports has shipped NHL 2005 in time to give hockey fans achance to play as their favorite teams and players while not ableto watch them on TV. New EA Sports Open Ice Control allows playersto execute offensive plays such as Give-and-Go’s andbreakaway passes or calls for a defensive double team with thetouch of a button. A completely overhauled skating engine capturesboth the explosive speed of offensive skating and the surgicalprecision of backwards-defensive movement. The all-new face-offformations allow the user to be strategic before the puck isdropped. More information can be found on the game’s officialWeb site at:


“Star Wars Battlefront” Available Now

LucasArts’ highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefrontis in stores now. The intense open-ended single-player andmultiplayer action game lets players re-live all of the epicbattles from the classic and prequel Star Wars filmtrilogies. Star Wars Battlefront is available for thePlayStation 2, Xbox and the PC.

The team-based action within Star Wars Battlefront is setin 16 unique locations. Players can select one of the 20 differentsoldier types from each of the four factions. For more informationvisit

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