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SMU lost to TCU in Saturdays Iron Skillet game 34-17. Next years matchup is the last scheduled game in the longstanding rivalry.
SMU falls short at TCU
September 26, 2023

Are you ‘Ready for Hillary?’ Here’s why you should be

Courtesy of Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook
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Courtesy of Facebook

After months of waiting, a Democratic candidate finally initiated the start of a campaign. On April 12, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her second bid for the presidency, asking to be the ‘Everyday American’s’ champion.

Unlike most of her Republican opponents, Clinton announced her presidency in a prepared video. Her video showcased a diverse group of real ‘Everyday Americans,’ whatever that means. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see real people in a presidential campaign ad as opposed to a video filled with stock photos and buzzwords (I’m looking at you, Ted Cruz).

Currently, Hillary Clinton is the only Democrat in the running and possibly the most qualified candidate thus far. Having served as Secretary of State, Senator for New York, and an empowering First Lady, Hillary holds experience that outweighs those of the Republican candidates. The Emerging Democratic Majority could exemplify its unity and strength by allowing an uncontested nomination for Hillary, giving her time to concentrate more on securing swing state votes for the presidency rather than securing the nomination itself.

With the copious years of experience comes the elephant in the room, her advanced age. As Republicans and every other news network seems to highlight, let it be known that Hillary Clinton will turn 69 by the 2016 elections. Many argue that her age could impede her ability to lead, and the contrast between her and her younger opponents doesn’t help. Voters will see Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and unfortunately Ted Cruz as candidates full of vitality and vigor, while seeing Hillary as simply spry for her age.

What do her opponents expect from her age? She’s younger than Ronald Reagan when he was elected. It’s not like Clinton will offer leaders of the world hard candy, sweater knit in the situation room, or play bingo with cabinet members.

If you’re on the border with Hillary, here are my thoughts on her positions.

Foreign policy

She advocates a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. And with a four-year tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton no doubt will have the confidence and pragmatism to lead the U.S. towards greater relations with other countries.


Hillary Clinton supports President Obama’s use of executive power to reshape immigration policy. A policy protects five million immigrants from deportation and allows many to legally work in the country, but with no path to citizenship. To those who believe that immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans, remember that their taking jobs that require little skill and low pay, jobs that most ‘Everyday Americans’ shy from performing. Also, since 2000, the number of native-born Americans working has increased by 2.6 million.

Social issues

On abortions, Clinton strongly supports legal access to abortions. She said at a Congressional hearing, “Family planning is an important part of women’s health and reproductive health includes access to abortion.”

On gay marriage, Clinton states that her opinion on same-sex marriage has “evolved.” I think it’s great that Clinton advocates legalizing gay marriage, but it’s rather convenient that her perspectives on this controversial issue evolved when the majority of the nation shifted it’s support towards gay marriage.


Clinton believes that the National Security Agency needs to be more transparent while finding a balance between security and privacy. It’s too easy to chortle at the idea of transparency coming from a Secretary of State that deleted over 33,000 private emails and employed a private domain and server for public business.


Ah, taxes, the political dragon that every presidential candidate promises to slay. Clinton aims to close tax loopholes and cut taxes for the middle class. I applaud her for a reasonable tax cut, rather than the idea of a flat rate tax or the radical abolishment of the IRS (Ted Cruz please stop).

After watching Hillary Clinton’s announcement video, I wasn’t impressed or inspired to vote for her. Despite her drive to Iowa to form a more personal connection with voters, Clinton still sounds disconnected from the ‘Everyday American’. She reminds me of a stern grandmother who tries to form a relationship with her grandkids by baking cookies, but the cookies turn out to be oatmeal and raisin.

Do I agree with Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues? Not necessarily. Do I stand by Clinton regarding her email scandal? Of course not. But do I support Hilary Clinton, believe in her ability to lead, and have faith that she would make a great president? Yes, yes, and absolutely, without a doubt.

President Obama voiced his support for Clinton, celebrities tweeted their support, and even Republicans stand by her, albeit anonymously. This is support and star power that no amount of PAC money can buy.

Regardless of whatever negative characteristics she may have, Clinton is crafty, intelligent, and holds decades of experience. Sure, the younger Republican candidates appear charismatic and ambitious, but you can’t lead a country solely on ambition. It’s ambition coupled with experience and passion for public service that advances and strengthens the U.S.

A formidable Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton may have already won the 2016 election. With the excitement of possibly electing our first woman president, her experience in foreign policy and down-to-Earth pragmatism, Clinton is ready for the country and the country needs to be ready for Hillary.

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