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‘Will you please do me a Favor?’ New delivery app reaches Dallas market

By Adriana Bremer

Downloading the app is a simple task. Yet ordering food from any local Dallas restaurant through it and waiting for it to come to you is even simpler. With just a click of a button, Favor provides personal delivery service that gets anything in the city delivered to your door.

“I can now get everything I want from all my favorite restaurants,” said Marie Theresa Ancira, who recently discovered Favor through a friend. “I order through Favor at least once a week, it’s amazing.”

The Favor app works as a personal delivery assistant. The app, which recently reached the Dallas area, has revolutionized the food delivery experience. As explained by their website, it has proved to be a success among students and locals as it stands out in the competitive and crowded market of app technology by providing what people want most: personal services.

“Favor is so incredibly fast. I’ve tried DiningIn, GrubHub, and Eat 24, yet none compare to how personal Favor is,” said Ancira.

Favor is user-friendly. As the user opens the app, recommended restaurants appear on the IOS device’s screen. The user may then select any of the featured restaurants or may search for his or her restaurant of choice. The menu then appears and when the order is selected, it can be customized to any particular needs and specifications. As soon as payment information is entered, it is now in the hands of the Runners.

The Runners are the people who work for Favor and therefore get the job done. As customers relax, Runners are in charge of driving around the city to order and pick-up the customer’s personalized order.

“Working for Favor is pretty fun,” said Ty Johnson. Johnson has been a Runner for Favor for a month.

Johnson enjoys the tips given by users and the opportunities to explore new restaurants. Users get to tip their runners as much as they please. Additionally, a service charge is included in the meal and delivery order.

“I get to go to places I had no idea existed. It makes me want to go visit them and eat there,” said Johnson.

The Runners can be spotted around the city easily, as they all wear bright blue tuxedo T-shirts that resemble outfits of a concierge service worker.

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“I think wearing the blue shirt makes us look cool,” said Johnson.

Favor has not only given people who live in Dallas an opportunity to earn money as they provide services to others, but it has also helped local restaurants with their sales.

By being a personal delivery assistant, the app has made it easier for people to buy food from restaurants. It facilitates the process and thus makes it quick and simple. Additionally, it delivers food from restaurants that do not offer that service and customers also get to enjoy their orders at home. This has become an incentive for many to use the app.

“It has helped out this restaurant a lot as we do not personally deliver. More people are now buying our food,” said Gaby Bunda, of Dive Coastal Cuisine. “We get at least four to five Runners a day.”

Dive Coastal Cuisine, located at 3404 Ranking St., is one of many restaurants that greet Runners every day.

“I think every restaurant by this point is getting used to seeing guys and girls in their tuxedo shirts walking in,” said Bunda.

Reaching the Dallas market just this November, users of the app and restaurants from the area have already been discovering all of the benefits Favor has to offer.

“It is hands-down the best app I have ever downloaded,” said Ancira.

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