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Kodaline wows crowd at the Granda Theater


By Drew Conserva

Sampling from both of their studio albums, Irish rock band Kodaline was hosted at the Granada Theater this past Thursday, April 30.

The Granada, a historical music hall, was soon filled with laughter and voices conversing about what Kodaline would bring to the stage.

Gavin James, the opener to the night’s event, silenced the low whispers with a tasteful one-man acoustic set. His voice travelled far, taking shape to the Granada’s walls as members of the audience placed hands over their mouths in awe.

Next up was Kodaline. The whispers returned to the theater as NFL draft rumors and bar orders were being made.

Kodaline opened with a hidden gem, “Ready,” off of their newest studio album “Coming Up For Air.”

A similar pattern descended into the audience as silence spread in a linear fashion – front row to the nosebleeds – as the ironic first lines of Kodaline’s song, “You tell me that you’re ready but you just don’t know,” made their way to underprepared ears.

They were not ready.

The next twelve songs single-handedly trumped the previous song with fan favorites “Love Like This” and “High Hopes” off of Kodaline’s first album, “In a Perfect World.”

The night came to a close with an encore set list of three songs. Gavin James joined Steve Garrigan, Kodaline’s lead singer, for the last song of the night, “All I Want.”

Garrigan took his rocker stance – feet spread and on his toes – smashing black and white keys to the chorus of the song as the audience played the part of back-up vocals.

The emotion was palpable when the four members said their goodbyes to a near sold out show in Dallas.

The stage became empty and bassist Jason Boland played his final note, the sustaining feedback from his amp guiding fans into the lobby and out through the doors.

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