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Umphrey Lee aims to please SMU

The management of the lower level in the Umphrey Lee Center does a lot of work in order to please a crowd such as SMU.

Aramark’s Campus Dining Services, better known as Real Food on Campus, has provided SMU with the food that is now served throughout the campus. This dining service serves many universities throughout the country.

“Aramark and SMU have been able to develop a food harmony for the students,” RFoC location manager Kyle Wilson said.

However, there is still a difference between the foods that are served at SMU versus the food that is served on other campuses. 

According to Wilson, the improvements that have been implemented over the years have allowed SMU to elevate their menu to include such services as the Hydration Station, Fish Fridays and the expansion of the Mediterranean Station.

“Every semester we change up our menu, making sure everything is high quality,” Wilson said.

The Umphrey Lee Center has provided a full meal solution where students can get an appetizer, entree and dessert. There are also various modifications that go on within the Umphrey Lee Center, such as the deli.

For example, several samples of various meats can be brought in for the management to choose from. 

However, as the real consumers on campus, students are able to voice their opinions through several different methods.

There is a student advisory board that allows students to contribute their input on the changes that they would like to see implemented. 

Along with this, there are monthly gatherings for those interested in voicing their opinions about the food on campus.

“I think the food at SMU is probably better than other schools,” sophomore Lana Greene said.

One of the more interactive ways of voicing an opinion is simply by going online and taking a survey. 

Currently RFoC is running a promotion that allows students to be  part of a drawing for a $250 gift card to Best Buy, simply by filling out a survey online.

Once the results are attained, Wilson, along with other staff, implements a plan of action for the lowest scoring category of food. 

With this method, the food is improved and new ideas come about to fulfill the desires of students on campus.

“We’re able to fill all the categories of food that the students are looking for,” Wilson said.

Besides working on the everyday meals that the students receive, the Umphrey Lee Center management incorporates themes to keep students interested and excited about their meals on campus.

This gives the students an opportunity to give their opinion about what the RFoC should be like and it establishes a relationship between the student and the management staff.

“This is a very good idea because this way we can interact with the Umphrey Lee management,” freshman Jeannette Hernandez said.

The next event that will be hosted by the Umphrey Lee Center will be a competition in reference to “Iron Chef” the television show. 

They will bring in four local culinary schools to participate in a cook-off at SMU.  There will be about 40 participating chefs, along with those of SMU.

The competition consists of creating one menu each, which in total will be four.  From there, the students will be able to decide the best plates and overall menu.

This interaction, along with all of the other methods to communicate and voice opinions, allows SMU students to do what many other campuses don’t do. That is, to be an influence on menu decisions.


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