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The French Room offers friendly sophistication

As a part of The Adolphus hotel, The French Room holds much of the same traditional style.

The exterior of both the hotel and the restaurant, which are located at 1321 Commerce Street in downtown Dallas, is made of limestone with iron accents.

The front of the building includes every element a hotel should. The inviting entrance catches the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike at any time of day. The flags state a subtle pride, yet avoid an exaggerated and superficial patriotism.

An inner drive helps relieve traffic from the main street. This setup provides easy and safe access to the customers of both The Adolphus hotel and The French Room.

At the entrance, skilled and polite doormen are in attendance to assist you.

The hotel staff is ready to help with any of the patrons’ various needs.

Certain elements such as the finely trimmed flora and the delicate lighting immediately show that this organization is conscientious.

The main room is warm and comfortable. The oriental green carpet on the floor adds to the traditional theme, while the dark wood walls illustrate an ornate elegance.

The French Room is located to the right and up the escalator. As you’re approaching the restaurant, an inviting corridor holds seating areas for comfortable rest or relaxation before and after the meal.

Before reaching the dining area, the host or hostess greets you, finds your reservation and personally introduces himself or herself.

From the beginning, the staff upholds a tact yet personal relationship with you, making you feel comfortable immediately, despite the overwhelming nature of the restaurant.

The French Room consists of one main dining area that holds upward of 100 people. Green marble floors ensure that the space is intimate, despite its openness.

Marble columns and an immense amount of gold molding define the space’s fashion as baroque. Baby blue hues and whimsically painted cherubs grace the ceiling and walls.

Rounded windows, gold sconces and attention-grabbing chandeliers validate the French influence.

To complete the room in style, sturdy and comfortable chairs, along with luscious flower arrangements, are found throughout The French Room.

Executive Chef Jason Weaver recently created a 13-course grand tasting menu that can include a variety of meticulously chosen wines, allowing every customer to sample the best that The French Room has to offer.

The smoked salmon carpaccio with horseradish cream and the dandelion greens serve as delectable starters.

Continuing the courses, the tuna tartar and green garlic soup with bacon foam make you wish for more. A small and slight accent, the bacon foam confirms that the dish was intensively created and cooked.

The crab cake with tomato jam melts in your mouth while the pork belly leaves you in awe.

Both of these courses take days to prepare; the pork itself requires 24 full hours of marinating before it is ready to be served. Foie gras teases your sweet tooth with French toast, chocolate and rhubarb.

The Grouper, made of clams, ramps and morels, and the loin of veal with port syrup demonstrates the creativity and skill of the executive chef.

After the Comte Gruyere, the Popcorn Pot du Crème and the Candy Bar Grand Marnier redefine the word dessert. Both are necessities when dining at The French Room.

With the chef’s finely tuned skills, the staff’s incredible and refreshing personalities, and the breathtaking food, The French Room soars to the top. Although there is a slim chance of leaving with a bill under $100 for two, the restaurant is not to be avoided.

The French Room is a perfect place for celebrating special occasions. Even without such an event, this restaurant will create lasting memories, some of which may remain unmatched.

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