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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

Students, faculty reveal the stories behind their most recent pictures

Editor’s note, Sept. 23, 9 a.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

What’s the story behind the last photo you took on your phone? SMU Live reporters asked and here’s what they learned:


Photo credit: Lauren Corey

This past weekend 21-year-old biology major Lauren Corey, a senior, had her friend Emily come over for some dinner and Netflix. Emily brought her young Great Dane Rayo.

The two young women decided to have a look at Lauren’s closet status. Before they could get through her bedroom door, Rayo, a large affable fellow, ran past Lauren nearly knocking her over.

The dog bounced around, nearly fell, and then jumped right onto Laurens bed rolling around on her green paisley bedding.

“At least he was totally clean,” she said.

Photo credit: Maddy Jaber

Senior Maddy Jaber’s last picture on her phone was taken at the SMU vs. TCU game.

“My mom wanted a picture of me cheering for SMU,” she said. “It was TCU parent weekend and my sister goes there so my parents visited”.

Jaber, a Psychology major, planned to post the picture to Instagram.

Photo credit: Kennedy Lozano

Junior fashion media major Kennedy Lozano was visiting her 78-year-old grandpa in the hospital after he fell during his morning walk.

“I wanted a picture of him to remember him in his last years” she said.

Photo credit: David Ahumada

Biochemistry major David Ahumada was frustrated. He was trying to connect his clicker to his computer so he could answer quiz questions for his sociology class but it wasn’t working. He snapped a photo so he could ask the teacher for help.

“I took the picture to show the teacher so I could figure out what was wrong,” Ahumada said.

Photo credit: Darian Flowers

Darian Flowers’ photo was more biblical in proportion. Flowers, a sophomore Economics major, took his photo during a late night of hanging out with friends. Flowers saw a stick outside that reminded him of a staff and wanted to take a picture because he thought it made him look like Moses.

“I felt very powerful,” Flowers said.

Photo credit: Caroline Moss

Cupid was in the air on Saturday, Sept. 19, and Waka Flocka Flame was in the pool. Sigma Chi hosted the rapper at Bungalow Beach Club to the delight of many SMU students, including sophomore Caroline Moss and her quasi-couple friends. Moss snapped this pic of her pals at the pool party in a classic “does he, doesn’t he?” moment straight out of a relationship textbook.

“I was making fun of my friends because they aren’t technically dating but, you know, they’re basically dating,” said Moss. “The picture’s cute, but the moment was oh so funny.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Photo credit: Lauren Heiser

Sophomore Lauren Heiser and two of her sorority sisters spent a Saturday earlier this month fulfilling philanthropy hours. The all-day Gladiator Run “Rock’n Run” 5k was hosted in Fort Worth to fundraise for Soldiers’ Angels. The Tough Mudder-like obstacle course included army crawls through pits of mud and a slip-and-slide called “Skid Marks.”

It was so messy, that even the volunteers looked like they had completed the race when it was over.

“We took this photo right before hosing ourselves off for the drive home,” said Heiser. “And also, we had to have picture proof of being there.”

Photo credit: Grace Kim-E

Grace Kim-E didn’t join her friends at the Barley House last week because she was sick and needed to get rest. But late that night, her roommate, along with her best friend Tom, woke her up. She thought they were coming to say hi, but they had a different agenda.

“It turns out they just wanted me to drive them to get food because they didn’t want to pay for an Uber,” Kim-E said.

Being the good friend that she is, Kim-E agreed to drive them to get food, but only if they went to the 24-hour CVS so she could get some more flu medicine.

Photo credit: Jasmin Tabatabai

SMU junior Jasmin Tabatabai and her boyfriend were having a classic movie night.

However, they don’t stick with the usual popcorn and M&M’s. Instead, they make apple pie together. This is a snapshot of their most recent creation.

“Me and my boyfriend were doing one of our favorite traditions: movie night, apple pie and ice cream,” Tabatabai said.

IMG_1855 2.jpeg
Photo credit: Natalie Gullo

First-year Natalie Gullo attended the SMU vs. UNT game with her friends, and to celebrate the win she snapped this picture with the scoreboard as part of her #365Grateful Facebook project.

Gullo said that it was only the second sports game she’s attended.

“I’ve just gotten really excited about being a part of school spirit and what not,” Gullo said.

Photo credit: Layne Woodward

Some students snap photos throughout the day for reminders and information. Layne Woodward, a first-year from North Carolina, took this picture of the LF store’s address for a mother-daughter shopping trip, after she picked up a flier at Nékter.

“It wasn’t on the brochure, so I just had to figure it out,” Woodward said.

Photo 1:2.JPG
Photo credit: Emily Hooper

Most mothers shop for clothes for their daughters, but senior communications major and stylist for Free People, Emily Hooper, shops for her mother.

Hooper was at the Chicos sale when she saw a soft tan sweater styled over a crisp white blouse hanging on the wall.

Hooper’s mother works in Fort Worth and has the classic working woman dilemma of needing clothes that are flattering, yet professional enough for work.

“My mom absolutely hates to shop but I love it, so I always send her things I find that would look good on her,” said Hooper.

Photo 2:2.jpeg
Photo credit: Paul Vineis

The battle for the Iron Skillet is always one of the most anticipated events of SMU’s football season. On Saturday, Sept. 19 unranked SMU gave number two in the country TCU a bit of a scare.

This was the first SMU football game former student Paul Vineis has been to since he graduated in May.

He scored tickets to the coveted game, but they were for the TCU alumni section. He found himself the only one in red in a sea of purple at the TCU football stadium.

“I was surrounded by TCU fans and they were getting really pissed off at me for how loud I was at the game,” said Vineis.

TCU won the game 56-37.


Gavin O’Brien, a first year business student, saw Waka Flocka Flame this weekend up close and personal when he got a selfie with the well-known rapper. O’Brien saw him walking through the crowd and caught about half of Waka Flocka’s face and dreadlocks in the selfie shot.

The rapper made an appearance at an SMU fraternity’s party on Saturday at Bungalow Beach Club, a bar that surrounds an outdoor pool.

O’Brien said the rapper got in the pool, but he decided to opt out.

Photo credit: Lawanda Dunn

Lawanda Dunn, an employee at the Campisi’s in Hughes-Trigg, never thought capturing the perfect full-body selfie would be so difficult.

Dunn bought a new black dress for a funeral over the weekend and wanted to take a picture of herself in the dress to show to a friend. The only problem was that she could not find the right angle to take the shot.

Dunn reenacted the picture by putting the phone way above her head to show how high she had to reach to get the right shot, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“He liked the dress, from what he could see,” Dunn said.

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