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It’s over, and it’s been great

How did I spend my final moments at SMU?

Watching “Barney” in my advanced broadcast journalism class on Tuesday morning.

You could make the argument that it’s everything coming full circle, from childhood to adulthood.

But I think it just shows how random my time here has been. (For the record, we were watching one of our classmates who was in the cast of “Barney” when she was little.)

Some things went exactly as planned and others came as complete surprises. But I wouldn’t change anything.

I came here wanting to be editor of the paper at some point and I was fortunate enough to get the job during the most dynamic time in the history of this school.

Think about it – what wasn’t going on in 2007? SMU had entered into exclusive negotiations with the Bush Foundation about hosting W’s presidential library, causing a campus-wide discussion for the first time about anything. Student life was rocked by three overdose deaths, which prompted a look at who we are and the decisions we make. The athletic department got serious about sports during Steve Orsini’s first full year as athletic director.

I got to be in the middle of it all, and along with my staffs, let you know what was really going on. I can say mine and my staff’s proudest moment was when we started hearing that incoming parents had clipped out our articles about the drug deaths and took them up to administrators at AARO last summer. They wanted answers and wanted to know what the school would do about it.

It is the responsibility of this paper to hold people accountable, and I hope that future staffs at The Daily Campus will always remember that. It’s easy to cover and present the sanitized version of SMU that those in charge would like, but ultimately the entire campus is a better place if that is challenged.

But it’s just not the controversial things that made the paper rewarding. It’s the fun stuff, too. The most fun I’ve had was in February and March this year, writing and covering the women’s basketball team’s run through C-USA and their NCAA bid. All of the coaches and players were interesting to talk to and truly a joy to write about.

This might come as a shock, but I also got to do more than just work for the paper. I wound up joining a fraternity, which wasn’t even close to being on my radar when I came to college. Living in the SigEp house the past two years has been amazing and something I wouldn’t want to give up.

Joining Mustang Band is easily the best decision I made. Yes, we wear different uniforms, are kind of weird and have our own marching style. But it’s the first group of people I met when I arrived here as a freshman and it was a big deal to have a group of friends before classes even started. I know they will be the friends I still talk to after I graduate.

The professors I have taken classes from have all taught me something. There’s no way I can thank all of you enough in the space I have here, so just know that you all have done your jobs very well.

As for advice, that’s easy. Get involved with something. You won’t regret it.

Mark Norris is a graduating senior. He can be reached at [email protected].

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