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Fall Brown Bag 2004

Celebrating movement of body and soul
 Fall Brown Bag 2004
Fall Brown Bag 2004

Fall Brown Bag 2004


As water rushed over sidewalks across campus Monday, studentsflooded the lobby of Owen’s Art Center to see SMU theirclassmates glide across the floor. Through bites of burgers andsips of soda, onlookers gawked at the amazing talent of theperformers.

Monday began the weeklong performance of Meadows School of theArts dance department’s 22nd annual Brown Bag Series.

Since September, dancers have been dedicated to preparing forthe hour-long show, and they take pride in this event.

“Brown Bag is what makes Meadows different from every artstudio in the country. We are the only dance department that doesit, and it is a lot of fun,” said Lauren Jasinski, asophomore dance major.

The performance consists of eight modern pieces, two jazz piecesand two dances on pointe. Each dance feature is unique withcostumes, choreography and music.

“The dancers selected the music, choreography and therehearsal schedule,” said Myra Woodruff, head of the dancedepartment. “It’s very complex, and they put a lot ofeffort into this.”

Throughout the week, audiences have enjoyed the studentchoreography, embracing the unique style of each piece. Manystudents said the dancers expressions and movements truly revealedtheir passion for the art and the effort put forth.

“I don’t usually like modern, but I loved everythingthey did. The dancers are so skilled, and they show so much emotionwhen they dance,” a 16-year-old dance student from BishopLynch High School said.

Jenny Gillan and Patrick Leahy started working on their duet,’Bella Italia’, in Italy this summer.

“We were at a summer intensive program in Italy called ProDanza Italia when we began working on the duet. We stumbled uponthe music while making dinner together one night,” Gillansaid. “We named the piece ‘Bella Italia’, which means‘beautiful Italy’.”

Gillan and Leahy felt more confident with their performances asthe week progressed.

“We are all such great friends, and we love to dancetogether, so we really don’t get nervous. I think we [got]better each day,” Gillian said.

“We’ve all [gotten] more comfortable with performingout there each time we do it,” Leahy said.

Brown Bag is dedicated to Larry White, the late Meadows facultymember who lost his battle with cancer last month, for his lastingcontributions to the Brown Bag Series. Proceeds from the bakedgoods table run by other dance students go to the Larry WhiteScholarship fund.

“It was a beautiful performance,” two of the bakesale workers said. “Definitely a good run.”

Other dance events this fall include the Fall Dance Concertscheduled Nov. 3-7 in the Bob Hope Theatre. For tickets call (214)768-ARTS.


Brown Bag Series #1 – 22ndSeason



Choreography by Lydia Polhemus

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach


Mighty Minataurs

Choreography by Andrea Nicole Larreta

Music by Propellerheads


Love, Me

Choreography by Anne Carter

Music by Tori Amos


Manipulated Living

Choreography by Jade Curtis, Tristan Jennings

Music by Michael Andrews


Seven Nation

Choreography Cris Cangero, Emily Vallar

Music The White Stripes


I’d Rather Be From Here

Choreography by Danna Reubin

Music by John Williams



Choreography by Joshua L. Peugh

Music by Maurice J. Ravel



Choreography by Ashley Benninghoff

Music by Tosca Tango Orchestra


Natural Mystique

Choreography by Ashley Benninghoff

Music by Keith Terry, Crosspulse


What It Feels Like

Choreography by Philip John Orsano

Music by D.J. Shadow


Bella Italia

Choreography by Jenny Rosanne Gillan, Patrick Leahy

Music by Jim Brickman


Senior Peace

Choreography by Ashley Benninghoff, Anne Carter, RachelKaminskas

Music by London Symphony Orchestra, remix by Craig Armstrong

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