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Overdoing designers, excess baggage a major don’t

Fashion With Fischer
 Overdoing designers, excess baggage a major dont
Overdoing designers, excess baggage a major don’t

Overdoing designers, excess baggage a major don’t

With fall break quickly approaching, it comes that time when youthink,”Where the hell has the semester gone?!”

The past week’s weather is finally an indication that fallis actually here, with enough rain to fill up 10 Olympic swimmingpools in an hour. This week’s column will focus on two of thesemester-so-far fashion faux pas. I admit, I was hoping these wouldgo away on their own, but with a prevalent showing of the two,I’ll just cross my fingers and hope they disappear by ourreturn from Fall Break.

Although we have only had two tailgates this semester, it hasalready been quite obvious that there are some label whores outthere. You know who I’m talking about — those that wearevery single thing from a designer’s runway line aroundcampus.

This very offensive and extreme fashion-don’t has studentsracking up their parent’s credit card bills with every labelaround. I know how wonderfully beautiful and well-made designerclothes can be. Their fabrics are orgasmic to the touch, withdelicate stitching and intricate details, the clothes can be atimeless staple to your closet. But there is no need to dress inthe head-to-toe Burberry to prance around the Boulevard.

The thing is, no matter how much money you spend on yourclothes, shoes or accessories, it is all comes down to a classyproduct. If you feel the need to spend a few grand on an outfit fortailgating, including white pants, a white tank, massive designerbag and mile-high stilettos that are getting stuck in the grass,you look no classier than the girl next to you wearing a jean skirtand SMU shirt because you’re the one with the thong stickingout of your pants.

Just because something has a big price tag, does not meanit’s cute, classy or appropriate. It is important to look atthe product, not the label. If you have a crush on some beautifulChanel coat, by all means, no one should hold you back from makingthat coat your boyfriend. But please don’t pair it with thematching pants, shoes, camisole underneath and bag.

I will only allow one signature piece from the runway to bemixed in with your everyday clothes.

Even if celebs are wearing head-to-toe designer (most are makingmillions of dollars a year, making their designer tasteaffordable), it’s not obvious and “in yourface.”

Charles Kingsley once said “We act as though comfort andluxury were the chief requirements in life, when all that we needto make us really happy is something to be enthusiasticabout.”

If putting on a designer outfit to wear to class makes youenthusiastic, then by all means, put that outfit on. Personal styleis about being unique, however, which is not equivalent to wearingsomething straight off the runway or manaquin.

“I love Burberry, but everything should be in smalldoses,” said Eileen Jones, senior English major.”Don’t overdue a trend, otherwise it’ll ruin thelook.”

A trend becomes overrated and quickly disappears when it isoverdone.

“If you’re going to sport the designer look, atleast sport it right,” Jones continued.

We all know Burberry is a commodity in many of our closets, butthere’s no need to pull everything out and wear it at once.Just because you own the rain jacket, galoshes and umbrella, allwith the Burberry print, does not mean you should be wearing itloud and proud in the rain.

Another don’t has long been carrying its weight aroundcampus for much too long. This personal pet peeve has long been inquestion, with no understandable explaination. What’s that,you ask. Oh, the book-bag-with-the-purse look, I say.

I have never, nor will I ever, understand the purpose ofcarrying around a massive, and probably heavy, backpack or shoulderbag with a purse on the shoulder. What is in that purse that youcan’t remove and put in that already-oversized bag?You’ve got your wallet, keys, some chapstick and maybe someother girl things (no need to further that).

Is there a reason that handful of items can’t find a placein your book bag? Or is it too difficult to put the purse actuallyinside your backpack? Before you know it, you’re looking likethe homeless bag-woman on the corner of 75 and Mockingbird.

I have many times grabbed my purse and carried my notebooks sansbag. Please note, this is not the same thing. This is carrying yourbooks to class with your purse on your shoulder. It justdoesn’t make sense. I mean, I know a lot of trendsdon’t make sense.

In fact, many are ridiculous, but there is some bit of glitterto them, the absurdity of it all that is attractive.

We lose our sense of what is sensible. But does being a bag ladyreally sound appealing or sensible? Didn’t think so. Pick abag, any bag, just not both the purse and the backpack.

Moral of the story? Don’t leave home looking like youwalked off the runway, because unless you’re5’10” and weigh 100 pounds, there is no way you will beable to pull off that Dolce and Gabbana outfit, especially toRhetoric II. And please, don’t all you girls start droppingpounds so you can wear that designer outfit. But you can and shoulddrop the backpack or purse because even the most dramaticrelationship doesn’t deserve that much backage.


Hill Fischer is a senior English major. She can be reached [email protected].

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