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Mustang Heroes Week to raise awareness about social inequality in Dallas


Mustang Heroes will present their fourth annual Mustang Heroes Week from Nov. 16-21, with this year’s theme “Justice Week” focusing on varying social injustices present in the Dallas community.

The SMU student organization, founded in 2010, aspires to make SMU and Dallas a better place to grow, live and learn. Mustang Heroes raises awareness of issues like racial inequality, hunger and education facing the Dallas community as well as providing service opportunities to the entire SMU community.

Currently, the service club currently has over 200 general members and serves 12 organizations (such as Heart House, Uplift Heights schools and Head Start schools) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as well as our monthly extended service committee trip which is open to the entire SMU community and focuses on a different organization each month.

Every year Mustang Heroes holds a week of events to raise awareness of both the organization and the social issues that affect the Dallas community. By focusing on these many issues, the club hopes to encourage SMU students to become involved in Mustang Heroes and volunteer at these various organizations.

Mustang Heroes President Aveline Chan says the club works with multiple service organizations in order to interact and better understand the surrounding community.

“Our goal is to educate SMU students about issues in the Dallas community so we can truly be world changers,” Chan said. “If we learn about our community now, then once we graduate we can take that with us wherever we go.”

The 2015 Mustang Heroes theme “Justice Week” will highlight current struggles in the Dallas community like socioeconomic, racial and gender inequality.

Vice president Victoria Huber hopes one takeaway for “Justice Week” is an increased awareness about these social issues affecting the Dallas community.

“SMU can often seem like a bubble inside Dallas, but Dallas is a large city and so many organizations would love SMU students to become more involved in these issues,” Huber said. “At SMU, we are taught to be “world changers” and Mustang Heroes gives you real opportunities to put that title into action.”

The “Justice Week” itinerary is as follows:

​Monday: Justice Week: Kick-Off

Nov. 16th 10am-2pm

Tuesday: Human Trafficking Dinner and Movie
Nov. 17th 6-8pm

Wednesday: Socioeconomic Inequality
Nov. 18th 7-8pm

Thursday: Open Mic Night at Union Coffee
Nov. 19th 7-9pm

Friday: Racial Inequality
Nov. 20th 11am-2pm

Saturday: ESC trip
Nov. 21st Still waiting for ESC

For more information, visit the Mustang Heroes website.

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