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Chapter Two: The Porn Identity

Peter was sitting at his computer in a way so as to cover the screen from Teddy’s point of view. He was, with haste, quickly browsing through an unknown Web site he had no intention to reveal.

Teddy, glancing at the digital clock on top of his dresser, could no longer hold back.

” If they don’t get here soon, I think we’re going to have to go on without them,” he declared anxiously. Peter jumped, apparently forgetting the presence of his roommate. “Oh, uh, don’t worry,” replied Peter, caught a bit offguard. “You know Walter. He’s always showing up at the last minute.”

“Yeah, well, maybe we should have them meet us…” Teddy was interrupted by three booming knocks that reverberated throughout the room. Peter quickly closed his computer. Teddy got up to see who was at the door. He opened the it, Peter now behind him, to reveal Walter dragging an oversized suitcase into the room, followed by his girlfriend, Sarah.

“Hey, guys,” greeted Walter, pointing to the pretty girl at his side. “This is the lovely Sarah.”

“Hi,” welcomed Teddy, holding his hand to wave and smiling. “Hey, Sarah. I’m Peter. You can have Walter put your bag wherever you want.”

“Thanks, bro,” said Walter sarcastically. “Don’t mention it,” responded Peter. Turning his attention back to Sarah, he continued: “You’ll be sleeping on the futon, however, so position accordingly.”

“You guys ready to go to the movie?” interrupted Teddy. “Well, actually, is it all right if Sarah stays here?” asked Walter. “She’s pretty tired from her trip, and if we’re going out to Al-Amir’s later, she’ll need to rest up.”

“Yeah, no problem but we really need to get going,” persisted Teddy. “Hey, Peter, is it all right if I use your computer?” asked Sarah. “Yeah, no problem,” answered Peter. “All right,” said Teddy. “Let’s go.”

Sarah sat down in front of Peter’s computer and began to access her Facebook account. “All right, babe, we’ll see you after the movie,” assured Walter.

“Ok,” replied Sarah. “See you guys later.”


The dorm room was dark save for the faint glow of Peter’s screensaver. Sarah was on the futon sleeping with a comforter wrapped around her. The door to the room quickly exploded open, and a roar of conversation entered from the hall. Peter, Walter and Teddy entered praising and discussing the movie.

Then, as Sarah stirred, they realized that they woke her from her slumber. Immediately, Peter and Teddy felt remorse and lowered their voices but Walter continued to rouse her further, no doubt wanting to show her off to his friends at the party.

“How was your nap, babe?” questioned Walter, but only hoping for a positive answer. “Short,” responded Sarah sleepily. “Great,” exclaimed Walter. “Are y’all ready to head out to the party? It should be in full swing by now.” “Sure,” replied Peter.

But Teddy hesitated. “Actually, I think I’m going to sit this one out. I’m a bit worn out from the week.”

“Suit yourself,” responded Walter, already walking Sarah to the door. “You sure you don’t want to come?” asked Peter. “Melissa said she’d be there.”

“Yeah, no,” reiterated Teddy. “I just need a nice, calm evening. I’ll probably just do some reading.”

“All right,” replied Peter, following Walter and Sarah out the door and to the party.

Only an hour later, Walter and Sarah returned to the room. And, just as they were entering, a half nude Teddy was exiting the room and heading for the showers. Teddy, startled, reacted, “Oh, hey guys. Back so soon?”

“Yeah, Sarah’s still tired,” responded Walter. “Apparently she didn’t fall asleep until right before we returned from the movie.”

“Is it all right if we watch TV or something while you’re in the shower?”

“Sure, go ahead,” responded Teddy, holding the door open for them before heading to the shower. Now inside the room, Walter asked “Do you want to sit here and watch TV for a while?”

“Actually, I think I am going to go to sleep,” stated Sarah quietly. “Sorry, I’m just not used to staying up this late.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it,” responded Walter genuinely. “We’ll have fun tailgating on the Boulevard tomorrow.”

Later, as Teddy was getting out of the shower, Peter was also prematurely returning back to the room.

“Hey,” greeted Teddy. “Why back so soon? I thought you were meeting Melissa there.”

“Yeah, well, she never showed,” answered Peter dejectedly. “She went to someone’s apartment to pre-game and then never made it out to the bar. I just got tired of waiting.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Yeah,” agreed Peter. “Have Walter and Sarah made it back yet?”

“Yeah, they’re in there,” said Teddy, referring to the dorm room. Peter suddenly looked a bit disconcerted. “In there?” he repeated. “Alone?” Teddy nodded, Peter’s concern lost on him. Peter quickly opened the door, unconcerned about breaking up anything. He was only protecting the sanctity of his futon. However, to his surprise, Walter and Sarah were separate. She was on the futon, sleeping, and Walter was on Peter’s computer. “Hey,” welcomed Walter. “Did Melissa ever show?”


“Hmm,” grunted Walter. “Yep.”

“So how’d you enjoy your shower, Teddy?” asked Walter. “It was long enough.”

Teddy did not respond immediately. He appeared a little embarrassed. “No need to feel bad, Teddy,” assured Peter. “I enjoy a good, long shower too.”

“Yeah, you would,” said Walter deviously.

“What does that mean?” inquired Peter.

“It means that you have so much porn on your computer that if we had a contest, you’d be Kramer,” laughed Walter, eyes firmly glued on Peter’s computer. “What?!” exclaimed a confounded and upset Peter.

Teddy was now making his way over to his corner of the room to get dressed, apparently wanting no part of the conversation.

He noticed that Sarah was now awake and began to speak to her, though Peter and Walter did not take interest. “On top of which – and in my opinion far more troublesome – you seem to have accessed Oprah’s Web site even more than porn,” continued Walter teasingly. At this last comment, Peter turned bright red. He was supremely embarrassed.

“I’m just kidding, man,” added Walter, still laughing a little. “I don’t care if you read Oprah’s self-help tips. She’s a solid lady. Now the porn, on the other hand . . .”

“That’s not mine,” recovered Peter. “I access Oprah’s Web site, so what? But the porn isn’t mine.”

“You know, most guys would take the opposite stance,” interrupted Sarah to Walter’s and Peter’s surprise. “However, I feel I have an obligation to interject. I must apologize for overstepping my bounds, but I looked at that porn on your computer, Peter. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Peter and Walter were shocked. They were incapable of forming a response to what they had just heard. “Wow,” said Teddy mundanely.

“Yeah!” exclaimed Walter, still in shock and utter dismay. “Some of that stuff was pretty hardcore, babe.”

“Yeah, well, I just wanted to see what it was like,” stated Sarah lightly. She almost seemed to be having fun seeing Walter and Peter in this condition.

“Are you upset?” she asked quizzically.

“No, but, uh,” stumbled Walter, as he turned to Peter.

Snapping out of his daze, Peter responded, “No, umm . . . Just refrain from . . . . Well . . . just don’t do it again, I guess.”

“Thanks . . . and sorry. I won’t,” assured Sarah. “Now would you two mind running out to the car to get my hat? I forgot to get it out when I arrived.”

Both Peter and Walter agreed, still a bit shell-shocked. And they went after the hat, feverishly discussing what had just happened, Peter mumbling something like, “. . . won’t cause me any problems, my ass.”

When they had left the room, Teddy turned to Sarah. “Thanks,” he said with tremendous gratitude.

Sarah smiled.

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