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5 ways to get your life back on track after spring break

You hate to see it, but spring break has come to the end. The students of SMU are no longer sitting on the sand beaches of Cabo, skiing down the powdered mountains of Telluride, or basking in the bright sun of Florida. Instead, they are sitting once again behind their desks and in the library, working away.

Though it was only one week, a lot can happen over spring break. Thoughts of schoolwork and extracurricular activities flew out the metaphorical window, healthy habits were forgotten as tanning chairs and mimosas called our names, and festivities lasted far later than our bedtimes.

Now, we all must recover. Here’s your guide to getting back in the swing of things after a restful spring break.


Getting Organized


Sorry guys, we are no longer on island time — back to the reality of class, meetings and social obligations. Even though it’s March, this is the perfect time to invest in a new calendar. Write down your schedule for the rest of the semester with classes, tests and exams, write down dates to save, start a study schedule for finals, and countdown the days until summer vacation.

Check out Passion Planner, May Designs and inkWELLl Press for some of the best planners out there.


Spring Cleaning

No one likes to do it, but everyone knows they need it. That’s right, time for spring cleaning. Get rid of all the winter threads and add spring and summery patterns to your closet. Opt for some bright sheets and a new comforter, switch out your coffee mugs, update your photos, and even clean out your computer files. The cleanliness will put a spring in your step.

Want a deeper clean? Here are some of Martha Stewart’s household cleaning tips.




We all know that spring break means more than just a break from school, but also a break from diets. To recover from a week filled with Coronas, margaritas and plenty of food, give your body a break with a detox.

Try going a week eating non-packaged foods and eating fruits and vegetables. Cut out alcohol for a week to let your liver rest and limit yourself when it comes to junk food and dessert. (Your body, skin, hair and nails will all thank you, I promise).

Need some greens? Visit Nekter or True Food Kitchen for healthier choices.


Get Moving

You don’t do a lot of exercise when you spend a week lying on the beach. My advice? Sign up for an exercise class this week. Commit yourself to a handful of classes by paying for them so that you have much more of an incentive to actually show up and work out. Not into spending money? Ride or run Katy Trail, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk your dog, or just get outside. A little walking can take you a long way.


Catch Some Zzz’s

There is nothing more important than getting enough sleep after a fun filled week with travel and lots of sun. Turn out the lights an hour earlier than usual, and read before going to bed before using any electronic devices or watching Netflix. Try to get in those eight hours because the more sleep you get, the easier your life becomes.

Spring break is great, but now its time to recover. Use these tips to rejuvenate, and start getting ready for next year.

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