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Music group ‘Judah and the Lion’ opens up about success, touring and lions


Acclaimed music group Judah and the Lion is coming to Dallas Thursday, April 8 to play the Granada Theater. The genre-bending band is touring in support of their latest album “Folk Hop N Roll.” Critics everywhere have lauded their live shows; it won’t be one you want to miss. Campus Weekly was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the band earlier this week about their music.

Campus Weekly: What made you want to follow music as a profession?

Judah and the Lion: It’s everybody’s dream to be able to make a living doing what you love to do. We’re aware of what a crazy and unlikely profession this is and don’t take that lightly. We’re very grateful for our journey thus far and are excited about where we’re going.

CW: How did you get your start professionally?

JL: We started playing shows around our home base, Nashville, in the beginning. We put our first couple EPs on a site called Noisetrade for free which really helped spread our music and provided us with an email list of people to reach out to when we’re in the area. Our first big defining-moment-show as a band outside of Nashville, selling out the 40 Watt our first time playing there. That was when it clicked for the band. Since then, we’ve just tried to make great music and have been fortunate to play with some amazing artists along the way.

CW: How do you think your sound has evolved from your first album to “Folk Hop N Roll?”

JL: I think we’re becoming more “us.” We didn’t want to be held down by anything creatively going into this album and wanted to be able to sing and play freely. We wanted to do something fresh, but it was just for the sake of doing something new: we all have a wide array of influences and I think this record showcases that well.

CW: How did you end up with the name “Judah & the Lion?”

JL: Judah wanted to be a rapper as a kid and I think that was going to be his artist name, courtesy of his mom. That, and just connecting with the imagery of a lion. Roooooooarrrrrr.

CW: Are there any other artists you would call inspirations?

JL: Certainly! But too many to count. As a band, here’s a few: Manchester Orchestra, Radiohead, Noah and the Whale, Coldplay, Beastie Boys, INXS…seriously, there’s a lot. Haha. We all have pretty distinct musical influences.

CW: Did you ever find it difficult to balance music with other obligations in your life?

JL: It can be difficult on the road just being far away from loved ones, but family and friendship is the most important stuff in life and we hold that dear to us. We all were raised right by great families and are very connected to our loved ones back home. We stay grounded thanks to that upbringing and thanks to great friends and loved ones and each other.

CW: How has the tour been so far? Anything you’re looking forward to?

JL: It’s been awesome! We’re about halfway through and have been blown away by the fans’ response to the new album. We started our first VIP experience this tour which has been great for us to have a chance to meet and get to know fans better. We’re looking forward to headlining some cities on the west coast for the first time. And we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS love coming to Texas. More than you know. So much. #TexasForever

CW: Are there any songs on the album of which you are particularly proud?

JL: I think collectively we are really proud of “Insane” and the message the song brings. We all go through stuff and just want others to know that they’re not alone in what they’re going through, even though it can definitely feel that way when you’re in the thick of it.

CW: What are some tips for aspiring artists?

JL: Be true to yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Work hard and be kind to others.

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