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Double take

Laura and Megan Kohner at a boulevard. Photo credit: Laura Kohner
Laura and Megan Kohner at a boulevard. Photo credit: Laura Kohner

Laura and Megan Kohner were sitting in their geology class as sophomores when their professor turned to them and said, “Wait. You two are twins?”

“The entire class busted out laughing and we were like, ‘Yes, we’ve been here all semester,’” said Megan.

It’s hard to miss the Kohners, now juniors, as they walk across campus: they wear the same outfits, the same shoes, carry the same book bag, and wear the same sunglasses. The twins, from Palm Beach, Fla., are identical.

Laura and Megan Kohner at a boulevard. Photo credit: Laura Kohner

“Generally when people first meet us, they can’t tell us apart at all,” said Megan.

Freshman Nicole Martin met the Kohner twins through the Hunt program.

“It took me at least 3 weeks to be able to tell them apart,” said Martin.

Junior Morgan Rund has been friends with Laura and Megan since freshman year.

“I knew there was something different about them, but I couldn’t really tell them apart,” said Rund.

They have dressed the same since birth. Their mother first started to dress them the same, and then they continued to do it themselves.

“It’s pretty much just a habit at this point,” said Laura as she and her sister sat in Hughes-Trigg wearing matching workout outfits and hats.

IMG_0767 (1).png
The Kohner twins. Photo credit: Laura Kohner

Lockett has only seen the Kohner twins wearing different outfits once.

“Laura was with me wearing a onesie and Megan was going on a date with her boyfriend,” said Locket.

One of the twins’ favorite things to do is to meet other twins and be able to compare their experiences. Michael and Marcus Davide are also juniors, and twins, at SMU. They have met the Kohner sisters and talked to them about their experiences.

“Growing up with a twin was fun because you always had your best friend to play with,” said Michael.

Michael and Marcus Davide used to dress alike when they were young, but refuse to now. However, they both think it’s cool that the Kohner twins still do.

“I think it’s good for them. I wouldn’t personally do it because my brother gets mad if I wear anything even remotely similar,” said Marcus.

There are around 135,336 twin births each year in the United States. The SMU registrar’s office does not keep track of how many twins attend SMU.

Although they seem identical on the outside, Megan and Laura have a few differences. Megan’s hair parts on her right, while Laura’s hair parts on her left. Megan is left-handed and Laura is right-handed.

“It’s because we are mirror twins,” said Laura. “It’s a type of twin where everything is a mirror image, so everything is flipped.”

The Kohner twins. Photo credit: Laura Kohner

What they wear every day is up to whoever gets up first in the morning.

“I’m very much a sleep in type of person,” Laura said. “So it’s not me.”

The twins don’t spend a lot of time picking out clothes every morning.

“We spend the same amount of time as everyone else. We just pull out two of everything instead,” said Laura Kohner.

The twins have been roommates for the past three years and share a room at home. There was a period of time that they were considering going to different schools, but they both fell in love with Dallas and decided on SMU. When they first got to SMU, Laura was a finance major and Megan was an accounting major. Now they are both accounting majors and even share the same schedule.

“It makes it so much easier to study because we get to use each other as study buddies,” said Laura.

They plan to go into different types of accounting after gradating next year. Megan is interested in the private equity and wealth management side, whereas her sister is more interested in international tax.

“We want to live in the same city, but I think it’s more of a love of Dallas than anything else,” said Laura.

The twins’ taste in music varies. Laura prefers to listen to pop, classic rock and country. Her sister likes to listen to electronic dance music (EDM) and rave music. They switch who gets to play music while they are getting ready in the morning.

Both women love sushi. However, Laura loves carrots and Megan hates them. Megan loves maple syrup and Laura hates it. Megan’s favorite color is orange and Laura’s favorite color is pink. Megan drinks Diet Coke and Laura drinks Diet Dr. Pepper.

“You can always tell who went to the store by what soda we have,” said Megan.

The Kohner twins. Photo credit: Laura Kohner

Laura and Megan aren’t certain when, or even if, they will ever stop dressing the same way.

“People always said we would stop dressing the same when we got middle school, and then high school, and then college,” said Laura.

“So we don’t know. It’s just whatever happens,” said Megan, finishing Laura’s sentence.

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