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Lexi Hodson, Contributor • May 16, 2024

Musician Morgan Myles speaks about her sound, touring troubles


Morgan Myles, an up and coming country music artist is making her way to Dallas’ own “The Prophet” Thursday, July 28. After recently releasing her first EP, “Miss Morgan Myles,” the country crooner began a nationwide tour to bring her soulful sound to different cities across America. Opening for some incredible acts as well as making the stage her own, Myles’ concert won’t be one you’ll want to miss. Earlier this week The Daily Campus was lucky enough to sit down with Myles about her music and more.

Daily Campus: What originally got you into music and made you want to make a career out of it?

Morgan Myles: I’ve always been able to sing since I was a little girl and it’s just something I was really passionate about and there weren’t any musical people in my family so I just kind of have a talent that my parents really got behind. I started taking piano lessons, which led to being in musicals and dance and then guitar and it’s just what made me happy. I think my parents saw that was really what lit my soul on fire and I continued to do it.

DC: Was it weird being the first one in your family to follow that path?

MM: No, not really, because there was, again, this talent that no one had heard before in our family and it was kind of just like, “wow,” you know? So it was kind of like a calling and my parents were never the type to be like, “We really just think this isn’t a very good path.” They actually were more persuading me to follow my dreams versus do more of a real job.

DC: You released your first EP earlier this year, correct?

MM: I did, in January.

DC: Are you working on an album?

MM: We actually did a full album, we chose six songs from that album and, if we want to, we haven’t decided yet, we’ll have another EP, if we want to do that. But at this point we’re pitching that full album to labels and that sort of thing.

DC: You’re on the road at the moment, and I saw you’ve been opening up for a lot of pretty amazing artists, what’s that been like?

MM: It’s been great. It’s definitely inspiring to see their bands and see their shows and be where I can get to. We’re opening for Corey Smith again this weekend and he’s got an amazing band and plays really cool venues, and he plays independent which is also really cool. We’re opening for Gary Allan as well on Friday so that’ll be cool, but we’re getting to open for lots of people so it’s really cool. It’s just a lot of fun.

DC: Do you have any stops on the tour that you’re specifically looking forward to?

MM: We just played Country USA and that was really cool because it was a really big festival and that was Little Big Town and it was an amazing event. But I’m really looking forward to this week because we’re playing these really cool venues. It’s just really cool because I know I’ll have a great crowd because of Corey and I know we’re going to have a really cool venue.

DC: Is it fun being out on the road, do you like to tour?

MM: Yeah, it is. We’ve had some obstacles in the last month. We hit a deer and that was in Minnesota and that set me back quite hard. Then I didn’t own a van so we’ve been trying to rent vans, so yesterday I bought a van! Other than just getting your road legs underneath you, I mean we’re traveling a lot, but we get up on stage and we kill it and that’s why we’re here and that’s why we’re doing it. Truly it’s our passion.

DC: Do you have a song that you’ve put out that you would say is your favorite?

MM: Well it’s hard because each song is like my little baby in a different way. It depends what mood you’re in.

DC: What tips would you give to any aspiring artists that would like to follow music as a career?

MM: I would definitely say don’t compare yourself to anybody else. Everybody’s going to have a different journey and I think if you just focus on what makes you, you, that’s how you’re going to sell yourself the best. And just to remain positive, do everything you can to remain focused on what you’ve accomplished and why you’re doing this.

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