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‘Prince’ presents a fairy tale formula with a twist

The fairy tale love story is not a new one to movie audiences.Cinderellas and Prince Charmings have appeared on the big screenmany times over the last few decades. The cinematic savvy are alltoo familiar with the usual plots, the highs and lows, the happyendings. Romantic comedies of late are warm and fuzzy, but darn itif they didn’t already know what to expect.

Enter The Prince and Me, released on Friday.

Starring Julia Stiles and Luke Mably as the destined lovers,The Prince and Me is yet another film in a growing number ofAmerican romantic comedies.

Or, is it?

Although the elements of its romantic predecessors are present,this film is unique and, unlike many films, believable.

“We wanted … a film about fantasy and wishfulfillment … plausible enough that audiences could allowthemselves to believe it,” the film’s producer MarkAmin said.

The film opens in rural Wisconsin where the audience isintroduced to Stiles’ character, Paige Morgan.

Right away, it is clear that Paige is no love-lorn damsel indistress. In fact, men are the farthest thing from her mind.

Embarking on her senior year at the University of Wisconsin, sheis sharply focused on her studies and desire to attend medicalschool at John Hopkins. Fortunately for Stiles, she found thecharacter an easy one to emulate.

“When I first read the script … I thought thewriters had done some sort of research on me — that’show amazingly similar I am to this character,” Stilessaid.

Leaving Paige to her work, the film crosses the Atlantic toDenmark, where we meet the royal Danish family, specifically thedashing young Prince Edvard Valdemar.

Edvard is a pompous, reckless young man with a lust for speedand female adoration.

He enjoys all the luxuries a royal life can afford, yet he hasno interest in taking on any royal responsibilities. How does aprince evade his ascent to the throne?

Register at the University of Wisconsin, of course, where heassumes the name Eddie.

Shunning his royal pedigree, Eddie tries to blend in as atypical exchange student.

The Prince and Me’s director, Martha Coolidge,recalled her first impression of Edvard-to-be Luke Mably,”I’d been imagining a certain kind of bad-boy qualitythat I wanted our prince to have … [I] wanted him to be alittle more streetwise than a real prince might be, but …elegant. Luke is all that and more.”

Paige and the newly named Eddie’s paths inevitablycross.

Eddie immediately finds Paige exciting and alluring, while Paigefinds herself constantly distracted by Eddie’s shortcomingsand undeniable charm.

Through delicatessen lessons, Shakespeare, a trip to theMorgan-family farm and some down-and-dirty lawn mower racing,romance develops between the two characters.

“For a film like this, the most important thing is thatthe chemistry, the energy and the excitement between the two peoplehas to be right,” Coolidge said. “[Stiles and Mabley]not only look good together, but the electricity is there and itdefinitely comes across on screen.”

Unfortunately for Eddie, the truth about his royal heritage iseventually revealed to Paige.

Her feelings and trust in Eddie are temporarily crushed, but shecomes to realize that she may not get a chance like this with loveagain.

She rejoins Eddie in Copenhagen and embarks on a life of regalsplendor and fame.

Our happy ending is just down the road, right?

Not so fast.

To say anything more would spoil the rest of the film. However,The Prince and Me does not disappoint.

A major plot twist, an accurate depiction of royal life andPaige’s enduring career aspirations culminate in an endingthat’s a uniquely plausible shade of happily-ever-after.

In addition to the fine acting (the cast also includes TheCrying Game’s Miranda Richardson), the film is a visualsplendor. Much of the movie involves the lavish backdrop of theroyal palace, both its elegant interiors and sprawling gardens.

For this film, the royal palace was modeled afterDenmark’s Fredericksburg Castle, built in the 12th century.Five different locations in both Denmark and the Czech Republicwere used to recreate Danish royal life.

Perhaps the most stunning aspects of the film are the royalcostumes and jewels.

In addition to the daily royal wardrobe, there is an elaborateball featuring Paige in a sweeping pink gown, bedecked in luminousjewelry.

Costume designer Magali Guidasci used fabric from the renownedAbimelech Hainsworth fabric house for the kings’ andprince’s uniforms.

The exquisite jewelry, loaned from Harry Winston, totaled avalue of approximately $5 million.

Just as remarkable is the queen’s private vault, where thejewels are housed.

Constructed of blue velvet and blue steel, the vault was madespecifically for the movie.

The Prince and Me is a romantic comedy that successfullyblends old world royalty with modern American life and fairy taleromance with feminism and independence.

It is a refreshing, comic look at a “what if” thatis imaginative yet honest, unafraid to stray from the formulaicnorm.

Realistic characters that stay true to themselves, beautifulsets and costumes and a not-so-typical love story make ThePrince and Me worth seeing.

And of course, you’ll leave with that warm fuzzyfeeling.

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