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Mikaila Neverson, News Editor • April 23, 2024

Josiah & the Bonnevilles talk music, inspiration

Americana band Josiah & the Bonnevilles are bursting onto the music scene and will be stopping in Dallas for a show at The Door. The Tennessee-based group have been making waves with their recently released debut EP “Cold Blood.” It’s a soulful piece that brings the heart of songwriting to the forefront of their sound. Friday, Sept. 27 marks their Dallas performance and it will be one for the ages. The Daily Campus had the chance to talk with with Josiah himself.

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Daily Campus: What made you want to become a professional musician?

Josiah: Man I think when I was young, I only remember being drawn to the one thing, you know? It’s hard to explain but it’s really the only thing that held my interest so I just kind of knew that I had to do it.

DC: Was it tough to balance that with everything else going on in your life?

J: No, it was never tough, it was just the only thing. So for me everything always just took kind of a backseat to it.

DC: So how would you say you got your start professionally? What was your big break?

J: I don’t know that I’ve had a big break yet; I think it’s more of kind of a whittling away, you know? Just working to get better and stand up in front of crowds and kind of do something special to the best of you ability. Over time you’re going to build and grow but I don’t see myself as having any one kind of thing that put me to this place.

DC: So speaking of concerts and crowds, you’re on tour currently?

J: I am, yeah.

DC: Is there anywhere you’re looking forward to?

J: I always like passing through Toronto. You’re talking to me from Dallas right? I like Dallas a lot.

DC: Yeah, Dallas is pretty fun.

J: Dallas is one of my favorites man. We played, me and the guys I’m on tour with now, we played in Asheville the other night and Richmond in the South and I like the South. I’m from the South but the crowds were a little dead energy. I’ve never had a crowd like that in Dallas; the crowds are always pretty into it.

DC: Are there any spots around Dallas you like to visit when you’re in town?

J: I used to work in Grand Prairie at a central packing plant so I know the area pretty well. I like it in Fort Worth, I’ve got a couple friends that used to live there. I like the whole Deep Ellum area.

DC: So this year you released your debut EP “Cold Blood.” What was it like getting that out?

J: Man it was a big relief. I’d been working on it a long time out in Las Vegas since 2014 and I had a lot of misfires while recording it. I’ve always kind of prided myself on song writing but had kind of been behind as a recording artist so I really dove in and learned how to work with it and make a record on my own and then it got picked up. It’s really nice to see something come out that I did in my living room in Las Vegas. Didn’t have a band, didn’t have anybody to email it to and see what they thought. I remember sitting on my back porch and kind of just feeling like I was on to something so it’s really nice to have that out and see people enjoy it a little bit, it’s really cool.

DC: Where do you get your inspiration from when songwriting?

J: Man, a lot of stuff. This album deals with a lot of relationship stuff I was going through at the time. I find inspiration a lot on the road; I find a lot in books, in movies, something I like.

DC: Do you have any artist you would call inspirations?

J: Oh yeah for sure. Leonard Cohen, [Bob] Dylan obviously, I think you can tell that. I really like that stuff; I’m a lyrical guy. I appreciate a lot of the music that’s going on.

DC: Would you say you have a favorite song you’ve written?

J: I’d say I’m always just attached to what I’m working on lately. So that’s kind of a tough question.

DC: So what have you been working on lately?

J: I’ve been working on new stuff for this record that’s coming out early next year. Maybe one that slips its way onto this album. I’m kind of in this stage where I’m reading a lot and I’m watching a lot of stuff and compiling ideas.

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