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Knockouts: the Hooters of barbershops


Knockouts (MICHAEL DANSER/The Daily Campus )

Meet your new barber: She is a young and attractive stylist wearing booty shorts and a tight shirt. Instead of shelves and a stylist’s rack, she keeps her shears and razors in a Craftsman tool chest.

To top it all off, when customers walk through the door, she hands them a free beer.

Welcome to Knockouts: Haircuts for Men. Located on the corner of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard, Knockouts is not just another corner barbershop, according to Christen Allen, the director of salon operations.

“We have professional female staff who wear a uniform that is becoming to most male clients,” Allen said. “And we are a full service salon.”

Stephanie Mullinax, Knockouts’ sales and marketing coordinator, said that the idea for a salon for men originated when Tom Friday got tired of paying $70 for a haircut at his wife Karen’s salon.

“He wanted to start something guys would feel comfortable with,” she said.

There are 38 Knockouts franchises open in 11 states, and 450 have been sold around the country. Twenty-three are in Texas, and 19 of them are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including the original Knockouts location in Addison.

Allen said that they have doubled their number of open locations every year so far, and they hope to continue doing so.

In addition to haircuts and hair treatments (like coloring and texturing), the salon offers services such as manicures and pedicures, mini facials, waxing and massages. The Greenville location is currently looking for a new masseuse.

Stylist Jessyca Traylor said she likes to call Knockouts a “mini man-spa,” a place for men to come and feel comfortable.

“It’s a one-stop shop for guys,” Traylor said. “And it’s not other women in here getting it done, so they don’t feel weird about it.”

David Akin, who has been a regular customer at the Greenville location for four months, said that you get “a really good haircut for one thing.”

He also prefers Knockouts for the “free beverages, hot towel [on the face],” and his favorite thing is “the straight razor on the back of the neck.”

Stylist Estefany Lopez used to work at a women’s salon. She said that she likes working at Knockouts because of the relaxed environment.

“You don’t have to deal with women,” Lopez said. “It’s laid back and everyone gets along. And guys are better tippers.”

Regardless of the Knockouts Girls’  uniforms, Allen said that Knockouts prides itself on being a family friendly establishment.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere that is a guy’s place,” she said. “It’s a big thing for us to make sure that everybody feels welcome.”

Knockouts offers haircuts for kids, and the stylists at the Greenville location said that men often bring their girlfriends or wives and families with them.

The franchise also raises money regularly for a variety of charities.

In 2008, the Knockouts Girls helped the SMU chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in their quest to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which helps fund childhood cancer research.

Mullinax said the fraternity had its rushing members participate in the fundraiser by shaving their heads for money. She said one member raised more than $11,000 by himself.

Aside from charity work, the Knockout Girls are expected to pose in photo shoots. Lopez said that it is considered “an honor” to be selected for the Knockout Girls calendar.

Two stylists, manager Romona Diaz and Ashley Rivers from the Greenville location, were chosen for the 2011 edition, which Diaz said should be coming out sometime this month.

“It’s gonna be a good one this year,” Diaz said.

“I saw some of the pictures,” Traylor said. “And they’re pretty risqué.”

For more information on Knockouts, their locations and any of their services, visit


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