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A Freshman’s Guide to Spring Recruitment

SMU Panhellenic Photo credit: smupanhellenic Instagram
SMU Panhellenic Photo credit: smupanhellenic Instagram

By Courtney Kilborne

As the fall semester draws to a close, many students begin to feel the stress of finals and the holidays. But for freshman, many of them are already looking forward to their return to SMU in January for spring recruitment.

SMU is one of the few schools that takes part in a deferred recruitment, which allows freshman a whole semester to experience life at SMU before joining Greek life. For some freshman, the month long winter break can feel like an eternity as they look ahead to the exciting week.

Although recruitment week is fun and exciting, it can also bring a level of stress to many girls. To help avoid these stresses, check out these tips to help prepare.

1. Study Hard!

With finals coming up, it is important to end the semester on a good note! GPA’s are an important part of recruitment, and you don’t want your grades to hold you back. The requirements to take part in recruitment are a 2.7 GPA along with the completion of at least 12 hours.

2. Check the dates

Recruitment takes place before the spring semester starts, so make sure to book flights accordingly. This year girls are required to be back by Wednesday, January 18th for a mandatory meeting. Plan your flights to ensure plenty of time before recruitment in order to prevent stress from delayed or canceled flights.

3. Find outfits

The weather in Dallas in January can vary a lot, so make sure to come prepared with a couple of options. The most important factor in choosing outfits is to find something that makes you comfortable. Recruitment days can be long, and with uncomfortable shoes or clothes, the days can feel even longer. Potential new members are required to wear an SMU shirt on the first day, and a shirt that is given out on the second, but the third and fourth day girls get to choose their outfits. Make sure to pick outfits that are appropriate, but still show your personality and style.

4. Think about conversation starters and things that are unique about yourself

During the week of recruitment you will have lots of different conversations with many sorority women, so take some time over winter break to think about some things you may want to talk about. Whether it is something fun you did over break, or the type of organizations you were involved with first semester, think about something that may make you stand out.

5. Determine your “deal breakers”

SMU has eight incredible chapters, and it can be difficult for girls to make their decision. Begin to think about certain factors that are important to you in a chapter and what you are looking to get out of Greek life. This can be a good way to help you narrow down your options and make the best decision possible. Whether it is academics, philanthropy or sisterhood, determine what is important to you!

6. Plan fun dinners/post recruitment activities

Recruitment days can be very long and tiring, so planning fun post recruitment dinners or hangouts are a fun way to unwind and de-stress from the day. Grabbing dinner at your favorite Dallas restaurant or having a movie night with friends are both great options. Don’t forget to hold conversation about the day to a minimum, as this is your time to relax from the day’s activities.

7. Keep an open mind

Last but not least, the most important thing on this list is to clear your head over winter break and ensure you are entering into the week with an open mind. All of the chapters on campus have so many great things to offer, and no one chapter is better than other. By keeping an open mind you are increasing your chances at a successful recruitment process.

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